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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Turning 34 in 27 days so be ready

Unfortunately, my non-registered portfolio pull back to the 137k value. Despite everything I wanted for my portfolio, I didn't buy anything else and its probably the best decision I could take. After reading and reading again about an upcoming correction, I began to think it was all a joke... but maybe not after all!

Time is passing by too quickly, the month of July is already gone and in 27 days, I will be turning 34... what about that? I already bought myself one of my first birthday gift - a little necklace I bought at La Baie downtown tonight. I probably give you a picture of it later on.

Knowing how rough its going to be on the market - its already rough - I probably going to try to concentrate on paying of my student loan and I will try to leave a 1k on each of my bank accounts to get rid of the fee. To do so, I just need a bit than a $5 000 - almost nothing at all. I would be nice to clear my student loan debt before I hit... 35. That will be next YEAR.

My new necklace is very pretty, I will wear it tomorrow. And tomorrow is FRIDAY thanks you God for another summer weekend.

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