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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GoodBye David Alward blue face, Hello New Prime Minister of New Brunswick Brian Gallant!

Its not exactly a good bye to ex-Prime Minister David Alward because he got elected and win his seat. However, it will probably be quite an humiliation for David Alward to be there just as another Deputy. I hope the humiliation will be big. While he was the Prime, Alward was acting like an idiot, pushing over the gas shale like a dog. He never had the intelligence it take to control New Brunswick finances. We don't want to have finance being out of control like stupid Quebeckers. They might have all the richness of the word, mines and mines of gold, the capacity to produce 100% of their electricity needs and so on. But no matter what, Quebec finances are in the deepest red ever. WHY?
Like right now, Quebec and New Brunswick are in the same deep red. And its the strangest thing. Quebeckers got what they deserved, their arrogance had killed them. But in New Brunswick, the red is in place because of  people having to leave to find work. Cost of university is extremely high in New Brunswick. We don't have enough job. Youth is going away. There're so many problem. But the biggest problem is having too many debt for the little resources we have available. We have just little left to do. But one good thing that could be done is downsize the government. We don't need that many number of deputies to represent the people. Just in the north of New Brunswick, a small place like the North West is being represent by at least 3 deputies and that area barely have a population of 20 000. So let's go Brian, cut in the butter! There're too many bastards in New Brunswick politic. Less will be better.
We may be poorer, but we are smarter. We really need a political change in New Brunswick and we got what we need now to move forward. Brian Gallant is a sweetheart of only 32 years old - that's right, my Prime is younger than me - but am I getting that old??? No, I am a sexy 34!!! aha!
Anyway, New Brunswickers always know which choices they need to make. Remember when Hydro Quebec try to get his hands over New Brunswick electricity business? People said NO and there was a nice cute little crowd in front of the parliament. Us New Brunswickers, we have the intelligence to take the good decisions when needed. We won't ever get control by rats who are unfaithful to the Canadian country, among other things. We need to keep the control no matter what.
I had just no doubt in my mind. I knew Liberal Party was going to win in New Brunswick. Conservatives had treat New Brunswickers like shit. And they got what they needed to have. BOOM. Liberal is a majority, nothing will hold Brian Gallant behind. The young man has a lot of work waiting for him. I hope he'll have the intelligence to listen to the people and make us proud. I hope he stays out of any corruption. I will pray for him and his family. May God bless Brian Gallant.

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