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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Provincial elections on September 22, 2014: Welcoming our New Prime Brian Gallant

Its too bad I cannot be there to vote, but I have no worries. New Brunswickers are smart people and watch out my prognostics: a big kick in the ass to the Conservative and a very good welcome to the Liberal under Brian Gallant. Go Brian go!
In New Brunswick, we had experimented many problems with the Conservative. New Brunswick has among the highest number of individuals who benefit from the unemployment insurance - and that being for many reasons. One reason being the lack of opportunities. Before being able to find a job in my very own province, I had been offered a job in Montreal after I guess less than 12 weeks while being under the unemployment benefit. That was about 2 years ago. The contract turned into a permanent job here in Montreal. But back in the time, the only jobs offer I found coming from New Brunswick were contracts. It seem like New Brunswick workplace is built just in order to give us the number of weeks required to get the unemployment benefit - that's what I figured out...
Poor seasonal New Brunswick workers had lost their dignity under the Conservative government and come a time where their voices will be heard. And that time is tomorrow.
In New Brunswick, we rely on our natural resources more than anything else and someone of the name of David Alward want to all f it up and open the door to pipelines - but there's much much worst, like shale gas. And the only reason why we don't have any shale gas exploitation in New Brunswick is because of the courage of our Indian people who massively come over to protect the province and said no to shale gas. New Brunswick has a lot of problem to deal with right now. Let just don't add another shit plan to everything else. I want to be able to go back live in New Brunswick one day.
Under Stephen Harper, New Brunswickers who work in seasonable industries, like in the fisheries and forest related stuff have suffer from very tighten laws and regulations related to unemployment benefit. Workers who are involved in lobsters, fisheries, forestry, tourism etc. cannot work all year long.
Without being there, I know New Brunswickers will do the right choice and massively vote for Liberals because its really the only thing to do.

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