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Monday, September 22, 2014

Voting machine going nuts in New Brunswick

I am desperately trying to follow live the results of the elections in New Brunswick... but seem like a server was down somewhere on the Acadie Nouvelle for a few minutes... lol. Servers are down, and voting machines going f nuts. Its going to be a tough and rough fight. But Liberals are probably going to win - just like expected. David Alward won't be in for a second mandate. I am pretty sure. That's also what I had announced yesterday.
The fight is not only rough in New Brunswick right now. The Canadian stock market is quite racy too at this time. My non-registered is at only $140.
I am now finally watching live Radio-Canada channel and imagine what... votes will need to be count one by one... but so far, Liberals are in the game and Conservative pretty much out.
Love the elections, but got to go to bed.

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