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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saying yes to CIBC Visa 0% promotional credit card balance transfert

I know you haven't heard of me really often lately. One reason being because of the summer - I had been enjoying the sunshine. I have to say that when the stock market is on a positive note, I used to stay away from my laptop. Another reason being that I have a mini laptop with only a 1 GB drive and it sometime give me a headache. When it want to, the little machine can be quite slowww.
But now, the stock market is down. My non-registered portfolio used to be at $144 000+, its now at $141 000. Summer is over... sniff sniff...
The only good thing these days is that I bought a new laptop. That one had a 8 GB memory so its much faster. I can easily go on the Web and do all of my stuff. Its quite life changing. And also, my screen is bigger, so its overall much better. The deal was too good to miss, this Acer laptop at the Source was only $380.. about $420 after taxes. I don't regret buying it... especially knowing that CIBC Visa - one again - decided to be extra generous by offering me a 0% credit card balance for 6 months. But there's a catch, a onetime 1% fee apply.
I know I once said I wasn't interested by CIBC Visa promotional offer but I am not going to used much of my CIBC Visa, just what I currently have as expenses on my BMO MasterCard. By doing so, I still can pay off my student loan like plan by the end of October. Also in October, I have a few days plan in New Brunswick. And at the time, I hope that at that time, David Alward will only be a bad souvenir.

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