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Monday, October 13, 2014

Investors, Happy, very Happy Thanksgiving

I just came back from a few days of vacation in New Brunswick. The weather was very nice - but what a bad  timing for a vacation! Worst time ever. I didn't have a direct access to the Internet, but while watching the news, I quickly realize that my portfolio wasn't going to be in the 140k anymore.

The TSX is down down down... what a spectacular crash! With all of the shit going on, my non-registered portfolio is down to 131k.

I had sent my check to pay off my student loan before leaving and no matter what, the check haven't been withdraw from my bank account. I cannot wait to be done with those losers of the National Student Loans Service Centre. The amount I own over my student loan wasn't much at all, but in Canada, we like the fact that our youth has to enroll into debt to get an education. Our system is just there to make money where no one should look over to make money. Every time I walked my McGill University, I cannot help it, I think of how pitiful are the students of today who were stupid enough to get into one the most expensive university ever. What a bunch of total morons. Quebeckers especially are among the best of the best morons ever. These days, we heard a lot about the piece of shit Pierre-Karl Peladeau and I am just very happy that finally things are on and that Canadians can finally see his true colors: liar, arrogant and being in politic only to make his Quebecor stocks going on the high.

No matter of how hard things of looking up at the market, now is the time to buy. With real good positive data for the job market in Canada - and not Quebec - I think the market is just reacting to strongly to stuff we should really not care about. Like Ebola - I am never sick, I can beat Ebola just like anything else (really).

Right now, we must be grateful for all the drama going on in the world.

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Liquid said...

Happy Thanksgiving :) Sounds like you had a decent short vacation.
Of course you can beat Ebola. The Dividend Girl can take on anything right :D


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