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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wecome in my TFSA Canadian National Railway Company (CNR)

Ottawa shooting of yesterday still feel so unreal. Such horrible events in our peaceful country. Take notice that the 2 terrorists that hit in the past couple days in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ottawa were both Quebeckers... SURPRISE! Not to me. I am very not surprise.
I think that now more than ever before had come the time for Quebec province to stay in a corner, and let Canada be govern by real Canadians. I think Stephen Harper should get ready for another term. And why not after all? He is getting Canada out of debt and is getting involved with the US to establish please in the Middle East.
I heard some comments at work that the events of the past couple days happen because Canada decided to enroll with US and France against - how the name it "EI". Some Quebeckers are so stupid that they cannot even understand that the EI is a disease and need to be irradiate. If not, we could be on our way to a Third War. There're just no limit to how far those people can go, and that being for many reasons. First of all, terrorists are not afraid to die for they believes. They believe in God and even if they are not doing it the right way, their faith give them courage and determination they need to fight. Some of them had been born soldiers before even being one. No Occidental countries have all it take along to win over these extremists. Its why we need enroll aside with France and USA, among other. We cannot let terrorists do what they want to do and act they way they want. Because before we know it, they could win over us and control our freedom and everything we own.
We are facing something so incredibly strong and powerful, its even difficult to describe. But to understand, you need to be yourself religious and have such a converted mind to realize how bad can be a religion when what is being teach is being all distorted and compromised. And its really to bad that Muslims all around the word have to live the damnation of their very own religion. Don't underestimate the power of religion.
So when I hear Quebec pigs saying that its all Stephen Harper fault, I feel like screaming at them. But we all know how poorly educated Quebeckers are so there's really nothing to worry about.
One day this past summer, I was walking around the Park Lafontaine. A guy must had followed me because he was waiting for me on the parking lot. We was outside his vehicle and started talking to me. I ignore him and continue my way. Why? By his appearance, he was clearly a Muslim. I am not racist, but I was alone and acting like I didn't hear him was my way to protect myself. Its not like he was in need of help or anything. But the guy was clearly following me. He spoke to me in English but I didn't let him speak to me. I continue my way and as I was waiting for a green light across Saint-Laurent, I saw the same guy again passing by in his car, looking at me. He was a white male but I believe he wasn't Canadian or at least Canadian born. He was tall, well fit, wear glasses and had a bear like the one that Muslim man wear sometimes. I never saw him back after that.
But than, I sit on a bench in Old Montreal and there I saw a man sitting close to me.. a black Muslim with a bear. It was a bit strange.
Anyway, all this to say that what happen right now clearly influence our behaviors between Muslim and non-Muslim. I spent quite some time in France in my twenties and where I was living, there was a lot of Muslim and I never felt uncomfortable and unsecure because there was a bunch of people around and they were just young students like myself trying to have their diplomas and stuff. I am perfectly aware that Muslims are not all dangerous but leaving in these modern times is getting complicated.
But life continue. I still have to build my fortune in stocks. And in Canadian stocks of course, like always.
On another note, I make a $3 000 investment today in CNR inside my TFSA.
I had accepted CIBC Visa offer to increase my limit to 7k. So I took a 5k at 0% for 6 months (but a 1% fee apply). I used a promotional cheque to add money - a 5k - to my margin account. I taught of several things, like my job situation and stuff and I think I will be still working in my current job for the next 6 months so I told myself: go for it baby.
I went to the very easy and very immediate. Currently, the best of the best investment you can make is in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR). This stock is not very volatile and very secure. I own CNR inside my non-registered and I made quite interesting thousands on this one already. And also, its been said that CNR could add up to 45% in its dividend... So this is very to easy. I hope to have a good $400 on this one over the next 6 months. And in 6 months, I will clear off this CIBC Visa. The opportunity was just too easy and too good not to move on with it.
I hope this new investment will add some extra value to my TFSA. I still have a contribution room of 18k inside my TFSA account and I plan to maximize it before paying down more debt (except my CIBC Visa). Its just way to increase my chances to make a few thousands on the market while I still can.

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