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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stock correction or not, that student loan will be paid off

Tomorrow was supposed to be an happy day for the Dividend Girl. On the same day, I am going on vacation AND paying off my student loan once for good. WOW! Nice, but now that that the stock market is all upside down, paying off my student loan is a pain knowing deeply inside that I should be investing instead... That's what we need to do in a down market. The check is not in the mail yet if you see what I mean... The exact sum is of $3 053.93. Its all I have left in student loan debt. Can you imagine?

With my $145 000 non-registered portfolio, I used to be the Queen of the stock market. My portfolio was going to hit on the 150k all by itself without any new investments! I was going to make it! BUT NO. BANG! Take that honey baby. It simply not going to happen that way! The road to the 150k will be alllll inn painnn and nothing else...

However, I am still going to pay that student loan because following what, my monthly budget will be quite interesting if I keep myself on a budget. Its just too bad that the markets are in the red right now. I was just doing too well. This correction is my fault because without knowing, during that all that time, I was the centered of the world and you have just no idea about it!


Anonymous said...

Say goodbye to that loan. It will feel great!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Paying down debt -while important- is so much less rewarding then investing.


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