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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Amir Khadir, enemy of the Canadian nation, spot grocery shopping in Montreal on a Saturday live

Because Amir Khadir does not only work at destroying our nation and complotting against Canadians... he goes his grocery too. As far as I am concern, the poor man can simply eat shit, no need of grocery shopping. I am very good at spotting out people and trust me, I saw Amir Khadir tonight. And there's no man on earth that I hate more than Amir Khadir. No matter how bad I was looking at him, trying to destroy him with the only power of my eyes, he never look back. Amir Khadir should consider that he has many enemies and should never step outside alone. Especially in the dark. How knows what could happen? Amir Khadir should really really be afraid of the dark.
Earlier, before the shitty grocery shopping, the day was perfect. I went to the Old Montreal and visit the night Galerie d'art Ambiance. There's currently an exhibition of Salvador Dali. I was shocked when I saw the prices. Its possible to get your hands on a real Salvador Dali artwork for less than $15 000! The cheapest one was at something like only 6k. A real shame. Prices vary, depending of the piece, but overall, it appears to me that the art gallery is desperately trying to sell at a price that doesn't match at all the reputation of the master. Why Quebeckers should be giving the right to buy some real Salvador Dali pieces of work for a fraction of the price? That poor Argillet French girl might be desperately in need of money. What a lack of judgement to sale such treasure. Sell yourself before selling your Dali art for peanuts! I really like this one. And this one too. The exhibition is on until November 9. I will probably go back again. Its too unique. I don't the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal has any Dali work. I don't remember saying any here in Montreal. There's something really special about Salvador Dali, like a real purity in the art, joyful, charming, touching, simple in the lines but beautifully executed. A very nice exhibition. But if you want to go, the real address is 81 St Paul East (and not West as advertised).
Following what, it started raining. I made a stop for a coffee. After the coffee, I stop by the Shoppers Drug Mart on St-Laurent boulevard and after that, I went to the grocery store located at 4001, Saint-Laurent boulevard. I shop there on a regular basis, its the perfect spot for grocery shopping - fruits and vegetables are extra cheap. I came back with 2 full bags for only $21 after taxes. When you see the store from the outside, you can't tell that there's a grocery store in there, but there is one. And there's a little grocery sign standing outside, but its a small one. I did my grocery shopping and once at the cash, its there that I saw Amir Khadir.
He was with a tall young man. It wasn't his son - since he doesn't have any, only 3 girls, no son. But I had the feeling it may not been related. It was more someone he was helping. Maybe a little ass of Quebec Solidaire, his political party. Touching scene, but I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the second time I was seeing the lunatic in live of my life. The first time was at his very first election. I saw him at the Mont-Royal Metro station outside, promoting himself. There was a communist fanatic with him, with a wood cane.
Who is Amir Khadir?
Amir Khadir is a Muslim. He was born in Iran. He immigrated in Canada at a young age. Instead of being grateful to be in our very bless country, the way Amir Khadir thank us by flushing Canada right into toilet. I don't understand why Amir Khadir didn't get deported back in Iran because that's were he belong. He's not a proud Canadian citizen. But we have open our door to his family decades ago. He doesn't have any respect for our Commonwealth heritage. The political party he's in promoted Quebec not as a province, but as a country.
You can read on how is Amir Khadir right here.
Amir Khadir is the perfect example of an immigration story that turn wrong. No immigrate should have the right to play in our back like that. An immigrate who begin - like Amir Khadir - to be disrespectful, and cheat on the Canadian country should be ship back to his country. Living in Canada is a privilege, but Amir Khadir doesn't have the intelligence it take to understand the chance that he had younger, to come to Canada. There's no recognition in Amir.
With the recent terrorist attack that happen in Ottawa, I think the federal government should review in deep its immigration regulation. Why should we welcome in our country any Muslims, knowing that it represent more risk than a real benefit for Canadians? Do we really want to risk to lose our freedom, our security, our way of living just for some f up people like Amir Khadir?
We must protect our Canadian interests, close our door to any Muslim immigrations. We should start by kicking Amir Khadir out of our country. For being a liar, for being unfaithful to the Queen, to the Commonthwealth, to all of the beautiful history that participate in the creation of the country that we are how, we must push forward our identity and come with politics that will protect ours interests.

If Amir Khadir wouldn't have been along, I would have wait for him outside and beat him up in the darkness of the sidewalk. No one seem to recognize him anyway. A quick beat up, black eye, no one would have notice. It would have leave him paralyzed and completely lost. I would had run, leaving my grocery bags on the ground.
Canada is not the country of Muslims, its the country of Canadians. Its time for the real people to wake up.

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Frank Blau said...

i full agree with your Positions and i am not Canadian i am from Germany. There are Groups of Immigrants that can not be integrated in a Western Society, even worse they are in Fact a great risk and Enemies for our liberal lifestyle.

Greeting form Rhine-Palatine


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