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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where is Jean-François Tardif when we need him the most?

My non-registered portfolio closed at a good $136 888.57. I have closed to 16k left as margin money. Is that enough for a new investment? Certainly not, BUT pay check is coming up just around the corner, next week. And this mean that there could be a next investment inside my TFSA account soon. I am surprise to be on the 136k mark knowing everything that's going on. Oil is down. Silver and gold are all the way down. At a time, I was trading on silver, buying-selling, buying-selling and of course, I wrote it all right here on my blog. And I remember a comment of some fresh guy (there're so many little ass reading this blog!!!) saying that he was 100% invested in silver and gold ONLY. I wonder how he is doing now... Ohhhhhh boy. Poor one.

I am just very very grateful not having too much involve in gold and silver (thank you GOD). However, I am not totally out of trouble. I lost a lot on First Majestic Silver Corp (FR), Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PHS.U) and everything related to gold shit that you can find in my portfolio.

I made $125 so far on my latest investment in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) inside my TFSA. More free cash please! I knew I was going to make some fantastic bucks on this one. Chances were with me at 99.9%. CNR is definitely one of my favorite stock ever. I only invest 3k on it last time. But if I would had 20k, it would had gone - most of it, on CNR. The shoo shoo train is making me rich and richer. Free bucksss on the way, please make up some place!

With the oil price going down, is tempting to buy something in the energy sector, but the question being what? Suncor? No. Husky? Nope. Canadian Oil Sand? No no and no. See my problem? I never had any interest in those socks and I still don't. But my interest is someplace else. I had read here and there about Whitecap Resources (WCP). It recently came up in in a Globe and Mail article. If I check over TD Waterhouse, WCP is very well rank, with a lot of Buy recommendations - something like 12.
For now, I am not sure about WCP as investment.


Nolan Irwin said...

Hello, I have been reading your informative blog for over a year now. Its very interesting. I am curious why you don't like Suncor or Husky? I do feel like it is a great time to buy oil since it is very undervalued at the moment. Husky in particular has a great yield, and suncor seems to be growing the yield consantly. Anyway, I'm curious why you arn't interested?

Sunny said...

Hi Nolan,

Its so funny, you are truly a good reader because its so true, always the same talked about Suncor and Husky over and over again... I really don't like those two stocks! But why?

I find those stocks extremely volatile and dangerous. Very hard to follow. Nothing is guarantee with those 2 stocks.

Lately, I invested in CNR inside my TFSA. The goal was to make a max of cash ort period of time. So far, I made $246 from the investment.

If I would had decided to invest the money in Husky or Suncor, trust me, I wouldn't had made that much in so little time.

Nothing is sure with Suncor and Husky. Those two titles are too volatile to be able to make easy cash on them.

Also, I don't like Husky at all because its own by Chinese investors. I have nothing against Chinese, but I don't like their country.

Now everything had been said about Suncor and Husky. Run investors, RUN!


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