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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quebec Municipal workers wrong interpretation of the "Grand Dérangement"

There are many things that I don't like while having to live in Montreal. The worst is the stupidity of Quebeckers, their . Like real clowns, some Quebec municipal workers strike today and they have name their mobilization "Grand Dérangement". However, using the wordings of "Grand Dérangement" is unappropriated on the name of every single Acadians still living today in the heritage of a very dark chapter of not only Acadian story, but also Canadian history.
Personally, I think those Quebeckers only have what they deserve. After all, don't be tempt ever to say that Quebeckers, generally speaking, are not very honest people. After all, what could you expect from a province who still have an active political sovereign party, Bloc Quebecois. And what to say about Pierre Karl Péladeau who remain a shareholder of Quebecor Inc. even while being an MNA. But on another note, a sad one - and I know its very mean to come with such things but it really express what I think about Quebeckers - how can Guy Turcotte who had murdered his two children and still be left free after a first trial? Why does he has to go in court again? He had killed his two children! Do you have a feeling now of Quebec nonsense?
Everything is link together, no matter what. The Quebec of today reflect the behavior of Quebeckers. And today, Quebeckers had steal a piece of Acadian history to defend their own benefits. The history of Acadian is complex and long, its not something can be very well presented in a few lines like that, but to make history short, in 1755, Acadian got expulsed from their land by the British. Many had dies in the process and some had been deported for as far as Louisiana. Many Acadians had moved in the North of New Brunswick, but there, they had to rebuild everything.
The "Grand Dérangement" happened a long time ago, but I think that even today, deep inside New Brunswickers of today, those who still live in New Brunswick and are French, still live with something remaining of that history. New Brunswick is of course of its time, but there's still a lot of poverty and if it wouldn't be of the deportation, we can easily imagine a New Brunswick that could be in better position today.
The terms "Grand Dérangement" shouldn't be use in Quebec municipal workers case. Once again, Quebeckers are acting like the real assholes that they truly are.

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