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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stock markets, the inferno road for middle class investors

Today, time is changing. With time change, another month is coming by. And with another month more money to invest. I hope to invest more inside my TFSA. I still have several thousands left as contribution room. And I also have to think at putting down a 6k away because in 6 months from now, I will have to pay down my CIBC Visa at 0%... The need of fresh cash is BIG. ENORMOUS.
I hope that my latest investment in CNR will make me a bit richer. My non-registered portfolio close the month of October at $136 429, which is not too bad, but I still far from the old the 145k I used to be. some stocks went down very sharply and the only way to recover is to pray, invest more and make a wish for a stock market on a real high.
There's been a departure at work, a guy decided to leave the place less than 2 years of employment. Personally, I am not too interest at job searching and job searching anymore because I already went there. All of the hours I work are being paid or put at bank, I have 3 weeks vacation per year paid. I never even used any of the benefit package - that being because sexy is never sick. But I did enroll to the RRSP program they have. I won't get rich on it, but it make a bit of money but away when I will be old and grey. I do have white hair - I discuss of that before - but hair coloration is doing the job. At 34, I can say that there's no sign of aging on my pretty self. And I pray God and the Saints that it will remain that way for a real long time and I wish to still piss you off with my very good investment ideas and blow it to thousands and thousands of dollars.
Having my portfolio (non-registered) at $136 429 is a good indicator that the stock market is back on track. For how long, I don't know but sign of stability is always good to take. Because if not, I do suffer, I get punch in my stomach and I stop breathing, and I feel like falling apart. I think this is the worst time ever to be an investor. Nothing seem to be safe and secure. Not even gold and silver investment! So how in the world am I suppose to be good at this? Being a millionaire, I wouldn't be investing a damn penny on the stock market, be sure of that. I am being so disgust. I wish to no one this inferno road. Stock market is hell. Just like Muslim Extremists are Hell. Amir Khadir is Hell. Iran is a f HELL.
Have fun investing because I don't have fun anymore.

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