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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Borrowing money from your parents? You should be ashame

In this article of Leah McLaren, the poor girl who had accepted to "borrow" 200k from her not that rich dad did not disclose her identity so I won't be able to publicly humiliated her, but truly, there's a bunch of little dumb ass out there taking advantage of the generosity of their parents - probably retired folks who worked very hard all of their life to have what they have.
I once received a very too nice offer from a reader who offer to borrow me money. I don't remember what I was writing about - job loss, moving to New Brunswick, moving back to Montreal - what a miserable life! I don't know what it was about, but I had been offered some money and I refused. First of all, I am addicted to the stock market. It took me years to pay off my student loan - not because it was of a very large amount, but because when I have money at my disposal, I invest it. I cannot stop investing. Its a disease I cannot control. I don't even have to explain or say it, it all very well publicly document on my blog.
I have a thing for investing my money. For other, the disease is wanted to be a homeowner. Or being a big spender. As an individual, we all have our weakness, but we must move on by our vey own strength - no one else has a role to play. Its important to live with the money we have at our very own disposal. Want to buy a house? Mommy and daddy are giving away money for the cash down, but what happen after? In cities like Montreal, homeownership doesn't make any sense for middle class people. I think its a fool trap and more than everything, a conspiracy.
Take for example the city of Montreal in Quebec. The city is so poorly manage and so eat up by corruption foe every possible types, its unbelievable. So what do you thing when the city needs money? It take it right straight from condo and homeowner pockets! And there's nothing you can do to overcome tax increase of that type. But its not only that. A "welcome tax" need to be paid, and not only that... think of all the Quebec tax involved with homeownerships, you'll quickly realized - if you are bright enough - the rip off.
I won't ever let anyone take advantage of my financially. That's why I will never own a home or a condo in Quebec province. This province is not reliable enough. I have no confident. Living small like Annie is the best. 
So don't ask or accept money from your parents or readers if you have a blog - if not, you'll finish your dead in hell.


Aeron said...

Investing is the best addiction to have

I would only buy a house if prices crashed so much it was like 60% off, and the people selling it to me are crying

Sunny said...

Dear Aeron,

We are soul mate ;)

Anonymous said...

There's only one upside to everyone owning house. We, smart investors invest in the upside of their stupidly by investing in bank stocks..and the dividend increases they bring us.

Anonymous said...


If you rent, those increase in taxes and other fees get past on to the renter in the form of rent increases.
A good way to buy a house, is a apartment in the basement. Live in the basement and rent the upstairs out. Your mortage is basically paid for then. The downside you have to deal with upkeep and tenant issues.
The good thing that you are doing is investing the money. Some people who rent, and then go on trips, by expensive cars and


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