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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A new comer for my investment portfolio: Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee (ADW.A)

Money is in the booze baby!


It seem like my $150 000 net worth is here to stay. My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at $137 569.81. I now hold to $416.08 in cash inside my TFSA. I am in no hurry to place my next investment even if I should. I didn't invest in something new in a very long time. But no matter what, my portfolio value just keep going strong.

I guess you may had heard, Eric Sprott is back on the spotlight for investing in silver mine. But fact is, you know when Eric Sprott invest in something, but as soon he wil be selling, the stock price will drop and voilà. Its too risky. He may still be investing and playing with millions, but Eric Sprott is not the kind of investor you want to follow if you want to make money out of the stock market. Sprott make money by being a gambler, not an investor. I had a quick look at the mining company he's promoting, but no thank you. I already burn myself by investing in some Eric Sprott shit so I will pass on this one.

I prefer to invest in some stuff that I can trust and that I won't be scare losing my money in. My portfolio is large and invested in all kind of stuff that catch my interest over the years. Its getting harder to get something new in my portfolio because it appear to me that everything interesting is already in there. But nope, its not the case! There's always something interesting hiding somewhere on the stock market!

One my favorite alcoholic juice is Andres Fine Old Apera - it drink itself like juice with good booze,  its tasty and good. This Canadian Sherry is so very good. Its so good that I once check on the company that own it: Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee (ADW.A). ADW.A is a family owned company with an interesting history.  

Andrew Peller Limited chart is sky rocking - exactly what I need for my portfolio. At not even 1.6%, the dividend yield is tiny little, however, because of the value it could bring in to my already good looking portfolio, I may finally move forward.

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Anonymous said...

The bull market in Gold and silver is just starting.
This silver miner is up 54% in last 5 days. Eric Sprott doesn't always get it right as everyone else, but in general, gold and silver is not going anywhere but up for next couple of years. The junior miners is where you can get 5-10 times the returns.
This bull market will be bigger then the last one.


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