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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good results on the TSX

I was quite happy yesterday when I saw that the TSX was closing at almost 14 000 points. The effect on my investment portfolio is showing. I estimated that I currently must be around a $157 000 net worth. 

I just got transferred Hydro One Limited (H) and Barrick Gold Corp (ABX) over my TFSA. I also got transferred $1 500 in cash so I can place my investment in Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee (ADW.A). I like the name "Andrew Peller". The company is now at its third generation.

Its just too bad that Prince had to die when all those good things are happening.


Anonymous said...

How can you still have room in your TFSA when your net worth is over $100k? Why would you put a single penny in a non-registered account if there's still room in your TFSA?

Sunny said...

I have a margin account over my non-registered portfolio, that's why my TFSA is not maximize yet.


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