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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Andrew Peller Ltd (ADW.B)!

I didn't get the chance to blog about it, but I got my tax income done and completed about 2-3 weeks ago. For 2015, I made more than $65 000. I did a lot of overtime at work and I declare all of those extra working hours. I just had an extra $28 to pay back to Quebec province. And I am waiting a return of about $80 from the federal. I had a better life when I was earning half of that amount. I can get really frustrated over work and all of that overtime may be good for my pay, but its just not good for me. With all that money earn in 2015, I am finally about to welcome a new investment in my portfolio. I just place an order to buy some stocks of Andrew Peller Ltd (ADW.B) for my TFSA.

The weather had been super nice this weekend, making it even more difficult to blog or do anything that request to be in front of a computer for a few hours. With the TSX hitting to a close 14 000 points, things are doing great for my portfolio! I think my net worth could currently be of something like $155 000 right now. Too bad, but I didn't have time to post any portfolio update this weekend.

Check out this adorable YouTube video where you can see Joseph A. Peller himself receiving a kiss on the check from his son at the occasion of the opening of the TSX:

Joseph A. Peller passed away this year. Its his father, Andrew Peller, that started the company.

It seem like Peller wines are not available in Quebec province. Did you know that Wayne Gretzky has his own winery estate? Its actually a brand of Andrew Peller Ltd. You may like to learn more about Andrew PEller by clicking here and also here.

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