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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Welcoming a brand new $150 000 net worth

I hope you all had an Happy Easter. Mine was spent in New Brunswick. The weather was terrible on Friday Easter. While being stuck inside with nothing much to do, I did some cleaning in my old student stuff, like student loan papers that I no longer have to keep because the loans are now paid, etc. So many useless papers! I kept a few books and most of my courses paper because I didn't want to throw away that stuff. Overall, it has been a massive cleaning exercise that kept me busy for most part of the weekend and I am not even done with it. I still have a few boxes that I didn't look at and I have no ideas what can be in them... It will be a surprise for my next vacation in New Brunswick. Here in Montreal, I am pretty good at keeping just what I need partly because my apartment is small. Its crazy the number of papers we can accumulate on the long run.

At $137 020, my non-registered portfolio is still going strong. I am actually at one of my highest in a very long time! And its quite exciting because I found out today that my net worth is now of a great $150 760.97! It could even a bit more, but I didn't add the $1 600 of my banking account because it soon be gone on rent and credit card payment. No matter what, I am currently sitting on a $150 000 net worth! I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. Now, I can think of my first $200 000! Those are all very exciting and wonderful things. Its kind of funny that I reached $150 000 in net worth on April 1, but this is not an April fool, I promise!

In result, and to begin a new month the right way, I decided to pay a closer look at my expenses so I may place my next investment. I didn't invest in nothing new in quite sometimes. I still have thousands available in contribution room for my TFSA, which is a shame. I have left more than $24 000 left on my margin, transferring non-registered investment over to my TFSA is just the perfect time. I am looking for stocks with a low value increased so I won't have too much to pay in capital gains. Currently, my investments in Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM), Hydro One Limited (H) and Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) are good candidates for TFSA contribution in kinds.

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FJ said...

Congrats DG for $150K net worth. Keep moving up!!! Hopefully, another $50 will be faster than previous one.


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