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Friday, June 16, 2017

As the weather is getting warmer, the TSX is in desperation

I had made a few interesting visits as I am very actively searching for a new apartment, but since I am looking something that will fit in for the long run, I haven't stopped my choice yet. I found something great at $640, but there wasn't a good balcony and it was missing some sun light but otherwise, it was pretty decent. Another place that I visit was very great but was only missing some storage space... With all the clothes, beauty products, books and my old university stuff, I do need good storage space. Its the reason why I want to leave my current apartment. Its hard to find an apartment in Montreal but I guess it can be even harder in other cities so I will try not to complaint too much. This apartment search is sucking a lot of my energy.

As you imagine, right now, finding an apartment is pretty hard, but the TSX is pushing it even harder just to add a bit more difficulties on my shoulders. We are getting closer to the 15 000 points rather than the 16 000 points and its just so sad because I really had been on top of my game. I had been THE TSX Queen. However, dividend juice is still in and at now an equivalent of $660 per month, I am at least happy for that part. My non-registered portfolio closed today at $169 747.67, my TFSA at $58 858.68, RRSP at $36 381.10. Its never easy to be on the stock market when it go down like this.

My latest investment are not doing too bad despite it all. NVU.UN is up +0.95%. NA down of -0.44%. AAR.UN up +4.32%... There's always a bit of good going on, but when the markets are down, its not the perfect time to check out on stocks. Its however the perfect time to buy.

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