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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Welcome in my non-registered and RRSP portfolio CAE Inc. (CAE)

Lately, CAE Inc. (CAE) had been in the news for good reasons, while Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is getting under fired for letting one of its tanker truck in pretty bad condition on the road and causing a collision in a highway almost a years ago. Not only that Bombardier Inc. haven't been able to deliver its C Series on time, and not only that Bombardier had paid its administration millions of dollars on money coming from tax money, this time, Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is responsible for the death of a poor man. Being irresponsible is very typical of Bombardier and I just don't understand why foreign companies are keeping trust in Bombardier and keep buying its products. Its a complete non-sense. Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) is not an honest and reliable company. Like Jean-François Tardif and Eugénie Bouchard, one in the financial industry and one as a so call tennis star, Bombardier is showing off the true colors of Quebec province: unable to perform.

Bombardier, Eugenie Bouchard and Jean-François Tardif are 3 Quebec "things" that disgust me. Vast majority of Quebeckers have that thing for being incompetent. Eugénie Bouchard should perform at a strip club because she has the cheap stripper look in her Sports Illustrated photo shoots. She looks like a little girl out of place desperately showing off her skin to prove to the world that she's somebody. What a pity. Female professional athletes should never take their clothes off for the came. Ronda Rousey did the same mistake, and we are not hearing much from her these days. Its easier to play around naked than to perform, that's for sure.

I doubt that Eugénie Bouchard tennis career will last very long. She has a very poor spirit. Whenever the poor girl broke her racket on the court, she makes me laugh. She might be pretty, but she's not a fighter. She's not a very strong athlete. Quebec is being perfectly well represented with her. For me, Eugénie Bouchard is the perfect Quebec fresh face: arrogant by nature and a complete loser.

And what about Jean-François Tardif? Back in the days, Jean-François Tardif was a fund hedge manager superstar. He retired, and made his comeback with the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). And of course, I jumped in the occasion. It was the promise of big gains. I always knew Tardif was going to make a comeback. Once a man tasted money and power, he can't get enough. So Jean-François Tardif made his comeback just I expected, but his JFS.UN is a deception, its not performing well, and it doesn't pay any dividend. So investors like me are just getting screw up because its doesn't matter if Jean-François Tardif is in the profit zone. No matter what, the rat is sucking some management fees out of poor investors like myself. It didn't took me long to realize that Jean-François Tardif no longer knew what to do or how to trades to make profit. Tardif is just completely lost and guess what, I am doing better as performance on my own. I could steal Tardif at anytime and I could make investors happy among the way. Its sad, but Tardif had shown is true colors too: he's just another incompetent Quebecker. And I am going to kick his white ass. This is revenge baby. I am going to do much better on my own. Thank you and goodbye love.

Yesterday, there was all those good news surrounding CAE Inc. (CAE). Just go find out. Basicaly, CAE is training pilot. Demand is huge. The need for new pilots keep growing. CAE is a leader in its field. For the past couple years, CAE Inc. (CAE) had just keep growing and growing. There's more grow to come. CAE pay a dividend. CAE is a Quebec base company - its kind of the only negative point.

No matter what, I decided to invest in CAE Inc. (CAE) in both my non-registered and RRSP portfolio because I am only looking to invest for my own benefit - first. And companies like this one are hard to find. Its hard to find reliable companies to invest in. So being a "Quebec" company doesn't automatically mean that it stop all investing process. Because I am so lovely smart, I can see beyond my hate.

And this is where everything take it sense: when you close your eyes and see all deep down what you are made of, you know your strength, you know your weakness. I truly believe that its when you know everything about yourself that you can, at that time only, be a successful investor. And its what I am trying to be. So go there CAE Inc. (CAE) be my latest proud and go kick some ass your new princess. Do as I want and give me the royal capital gain treatment.

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