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Monday, June 19, 2017

Saying hello to a $171 040.26 non-registered portfolio value. But is it here to stay?

Its been rough for the past couple days, but the TSX is going back on track, and that being for my very own benefit. And as always, my favorite stock market is treating me like I deserve: like a princess. I am really getting the princess treatment whenever my non-registered portfolio decide to behave and hit on the 171k+. Today, I closed at $171 040.26, which was a good day. I once make it to the 172k, that was quite something! Got to enjoy the moment because sometimes, rich proud and extreme arrogance don't last long. Stock investing is a very dirty thing and it can be source of both joy and pain.

The weather had been awfully hot this weekend, but I didn't mind, as I had been able to see a live free show of IAM at the Francopholies right here in Montreal. That's right, the bad boys of Marseille were in town! And it was quite amazing. I took a couple of videos, which I will try to download on YouTube so you can enjoyed, just like if you where next to me, watching IAM show. Now that I saw IAM at least once in my lifetime, I can die in peace, whatever it has to be in a building in fire or in a terrorist attack. My favorite IAM song is L'empire du côté obscure (rough English translation: The dark side empire):

Its not IAM first major show and certainly not the last, but they seemed very happy to be performing in Montreal. It was really amazing. France is home of many great rappers. Sniper is probably another real favorite of mine. So much better than anything you can find in Quebec province, maybe at the exception of Koriass and a few others, but its a very limited quality scene. A reason why France rappers are so good is that their background take deep roots in the worst of what France hold in term of humane misery. Next to that, most of the little Quebec rappers like Rémi Daoust alias "Rymz" are so out of personality with poor Eminem wanna be kind of style. Just no vibes at all, very terribly boring artist, its incredible. And I got quite insulted this past Saturday night, when I had to listen to Rymz at the Fancopholies, between some pre teen girls and douche bags. Ahhh! What an awful time. I mean come on!

Here is what to illustrate what I am trying to explain in a very clear matter. Dear friend, you are about to experience the real power of France rap music... Are you just ready?

First, listen to Sniper Gravé dans la roche - its hard to find anything better than this. I never get tired of this one:

Good isn't?

And now Indélébile of Rymz:

Kind of boring isn't? There's no appeal in Rymz music, except maybe for 12 years old girl... And not to forget the douches! Good rap music transcend you and move your soul. With his music, Rymz is far from being transcending.

Another great French rapper: La Fouine. Proof that Muslims know how to rap.

Do feel the difference, on how La Fouine and Sniper are so good compare to Rymz?

Now thanks to the Dividend Girl, you know what good French rap music sound like. And because we don't know what kind of pain can bring tomorrow my TSX, a more dirty gangster song of France ghetto for sweet dreams:

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