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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Its a disaster, Eric Sprott had invested massively in my newly precious Novo Resources Corp (NVO)!

Too bad, it was too good to be true, the TSX was all way up, and now we had loss the good points we were on... But its like that these days. There's no real direction, despite the fact that Canadian economy is doing really great. Its the international scene that is messing it all up and its quite frustrating. Because of my hopes and dreams stand in those sexy stocks of mine. Lately, Novo Resources Corp (NVO) had cached my attention and I jump in the ride at $5.55 per share. You understand I was quite released today to find out that Novo Resources Corp (NVO) was gaining 14.6% in one single day. 

I usually checked the stock I invest in on Stockopedia, but I didn't that time because it was strictly an impulsive buy, just like it was a new purse that I was purchasing. StockRank of NVO on Stockopedia is actually higher than expected, close to 80. I also checked on NVO over my broker account. And og my God, I found out that not Marc Cohodes had invested in Novo Resources Corp (NVO), but another famous investor that I don't like very much: ERIC SPROTT. Oh noooooooo! Not Eric Sprott!! What he's doing involved in my newest investment? Isn't the old man supposed to be retired? Whenever Eric Sprott is involved in a stock, it always turn ugly. Eric Sprott must be avoid at any cost. I would had avoid investing in NVO if only I would knew that Eric Sprott was turning around Novo Resources Corp (NVO). Sprott unfortunately invest in NVO a couple of times during the past months. Its really to see one of my latest proud in the hands of that demon. You might thing that I exaggerate, but I am really not. I am like dying!! I am want to scream. Is that ok?

One good thing about Eric Sprott is that he's very old and one day we longer see his name on broker sheets. And you won't ever see mine either because I only make very cute, innocent and pure little cuty investments. And since I place my so smart investment move inside my TFSA, I just want NVO to hit on higher so I can sell and made a bit of money fro myself, let say for a new purse, new shoes and got my nails and hair done..... I am not a natural beauty and I am extremely high maintenance. That being said, I am just frustrated now because my dream of glory on the back of Novo Resources Corp (NVO) is at risk because of an old man at the name of Eric Sprott.

Let say that I just don't have it easy.


Unknown said...

You are doing so well with dividend stocks. The speculative stocks like NVO are so gut wrenching. I started off in dividend stocks but grew afraid with the talking heads saying rising interest rates were going to hurt these stocks. I ended up buying into precious metal stocks and it is like a roller coaster. Some days you're up thousands and some days you're down thousands. I wish I would have stuck with the dividend stocks like you. They are less stressful and you get a better nights sleep.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation here. You are quick to be critical of Marc Cohodes, Eric Sprott, and Warren Buffett, but are you any different? They like yourself, want to make money.

Sunny said...

I am different, I have no balls ;-)


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