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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The TSX is like a flower on the sun: say hello to a 15 389.6 points!

I don't regret at all my sell off of Stornoway Diamond (SWY) yesterday. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $181 133.30, and my TFSA portfolio at $59 260.59. Beautiful. So let's go baby. I am slowly getting over my sell off of my dear Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) inside my TFSA. I won't let the damn Marc Cohodes to have the last word on me. Like NEVER. And will never go over it. Americans are so hypocrite and jerks. And Marc Cohodes is just so the perfect example of pervert dirty millionaire junkie. In my case, its over, whatever Americans do or say is to be put directly in the trash can, but maybe at the exception of Ivanka Trump clothes line because her design fit me well. I don't know if she designs all of her clothes herself, but Ivanka Trump has an amazing style and its quite strange, knowing who's her father!!!

Right now, Donald Trump is driving me crazy nut because all that North Korea saga is not good for the stock market. However, we are very lucky here in Canada because my TSX love closed today session at a fantastic 15 389.6 points. Trump being so harsh over North Korea come at a price. From now on, the issue is really serious. A little way back, I had a talked with my old folks, asking them not come to Montreal ever in case a nuclear disaster would happen - or whatever else, like if they couldn't reached me following a X event. It was important for me to have things straight up because in case of a bad event, things could get really chaotic in Montreal. Quebec province being so poorly managed, many could died before the government do anything at all. And I wouldn't like to see my mom or my dad suffering while being here. New Brunswick is a much safer province, with good leadership, which is not the case in Quebec. Basically, in case of tragedy, the word had been put clear: they stay safe in New Brunswick, and I go there when I can, and they don't ever come to Montreal to get me. Noooo.

Donald Trump is actually putting the Canadians in a difficult situation, because we are not arm to destroy arsenal that could come from North Korea. And in case of a war, its been publicly say that the US won't defend Canada. When Donald Trump say: America come first, that's exactly what he mean. And sadly, we are at a point where Donald Trump is a clear menace to our safety. Trump is a selfish man and its getting harder and harder to just see him going like that. Because of him, my portfolio is at risk.

Marc Cohodes and Donald Trump: two rich men who are rough dumb idiots.

The weather is anomaly warm in Montreal for this time of year and I enjoy the sun, but heat can be too intense for my taste. I suffer from asthma and I don't enjoy too hot weather.

End of this enjoyable post full of love.

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