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Monday, September 4, 2017

Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) is on the road for gold

My non-registered portfolio closed this past session at $175 778.35, which is pretty good. I can feel it, the 180k non-registered portfolio is now not too far away. And when it will finally hit the 180k, I will published a portfolio update, which I didn't do in a really long time, actually since April 24 of this year. Ever since, the stock market hasn't been a heaven place. Its going up and down. And Marc Cohodes came out of no where, the poor guy think the Canadian stock market belong to him. The loser shoot down on my precious Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). But it doesn't really matter. I am actually happy that he did that move because now, the little rat face is on my radar and I only wish him all the bad luck of the world because the TSX is a Canadian thing, its to create richness to Canadians, not for American losers. Its time for Canadians to wake up. Americans are not our friends, in any ways. And when I read some comments of reader saying that they will donate to support the US population who had been touched by Harvey, all I can say is manage your own business. Did any Americans donate money to help those who had suffered of the Spring flood this year? Did Americans donate any money to help our First Nations? Do Americans are dealing fairly with us and came with a fair trade for our wood? I mean, if you donate any money to the Americans, you are donating money to the enemy.

There will always be some bad idiot Americans around the corner just to remind the brave Canadians how brilliant and smart we are. And Marc Cohodes is totally among one of those examples. But don't you ever worry because I am right here and I have business in hands. And I will totally love to just hit on Cohodes to quickly make him feel all the pain I felt when my precious Exchange Income Corporation went down on me. I will never forgive. And from now on, my new duty is to make him do his job in his pants. I now have an enemy for life. If a war would happen between Canada and US, I would be among the first ones to sign up. After 37 years of age, there's nothing more I would like to do than to battle for a good cause, even if it has to end my life. This kind of existence has just no full meaning anyway. I mean, you work hard, clean your place, your clothes, work out, invest the hard money, blog and for which reason again? Its a good thing that I am not Muslim.

While bravely facing idiots of that nature, there's a couple tips I can come with to help everyone, especially my special readers. Not readers, super fan of the Dividend Girl. Because when your money is being invest in stocks, even if its over the TSX super beauty, you'll be alone dealing with difficulties. I stop trying to understand the stock market a really long time ago. Harvey had hit on the US, but the TSX went up. Like what??? Anyhow, its a good thing. I really wish we could be a force of ourselves. We need to be independents and seek for other business partners. Like the UK, China, Russia.. The world is large, can we just throw far far away the US even if they are our next door neighbors? Can we please ignore Americans for once? They are hitting hard on North Korea, but they couldn't even take care of their own population and properly evacuated Houston and its area before the storm named Harvey hit on and destroy everything. I mean I clearly saw at the news the eye of the tornado hours before it hit Houston. And nobody called for evacuation. The US is not a world class leader. Its just very poor leadership. And we should turned our back on them. Russia shouldn't care about the US. Once the world will wake up, we'll just be doing much better. But I don't feel that a revolution is in the air. Its all about the US here, the US there. Like can we just stop paying attention? So annoying.

A little while back, I was investing in Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH). It took quite sometime for TIH to grow inside my portfolio but now it is. This just remind me of Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN). I picked that stock on Stockopedia. But that one also took some time to gain value inside my portfolio. Sometimes, patience is key. But its not an easy thing to have to deal with some investors of the nature of Marc Cohodes who only destroy everything they have on sight. However, no one single man can destroy the economy of a country. I always said that we have the best stock market of the world and we really have. Our stock market is much more stable than the US. I cannot compare to other countries, but its terribly hard to find US stocks with a high perfect climb chart. Its really hard. But we have many of them on the Canadian side.

I think its important to keep investing even during difficult time because you never know: maybe your next investment will be your next precious money proud. I cannot say that the more I invest, the better I am because I had made some wrong moves and I will probably continue to have a mix of good and bad ones. But the most important thing ever is to just keep going. Even if its impossible to legally eradicate some bad players like Marc Cohodes. 

This being said, I believe that TIH alone will eradicate all of my bad investment moves and that will make be a really rich girl. Lucky girl, lucky stocks. I love my babies.

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