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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Dollarama Inc. (DOL)!

I really worked hard this evening, but it was all for nothing. I was trying to publish an update of my portfolio, but I quickly realize that I was actually 2k under the 200k net worth... So I decided, exclusively for vanity reasons, I decided not to publish that update. I am a lady, my stocks have to shine or if not, there's just no update. Its no real big surprise that I am under the 200k net worth mark, especially knowing that the TSX is under the usual 15 500 points where it should be standing so the Queen that I am can finally make her comeback. Its certainly not easy, but there's always a mix of good news just to make things a bit smoother and after all, the stock market has to reward at some points its favorite dividend lady.

In my portfolio, Savaria Corporation (SIS) had been a super gem. SIS had been at home in my portfolio and I had been rewarded of thousands in capital gain and hundreds in dividend income. Today was a spectacular day for Savaria Corporation (SIS) as the company announced that it was switching from a trimester to monthly dividend distribution. Also, SIS dividend is increasing of 10 cents per share, which is a lot, despite the fact that its only 10 cents per share... Because a dividend lady just want it all. And with all of those great news, SIS title gain 11.23%! That's quite nice and I certainly deserved a lot more. 

My dividend income is now at an equivalent of $683.77 per month, which is great - I am slowly getting closer to the famous $700 mark.

I made a secret investment. A few days ago, I invested a small amount in Dollarama Inc. (DOL). I was hoping to catch the gain train... but I got stuck at $139 with no possibility to sell quickly for profit... because currently, DOL is trading at $135 per share.... Too bad. Anyhow, DOL is a good investment to hold on to and pay a tiny, but still, a dividend.

I was surprised to learn today that shareholders of Home Capital Group Inc. (HCG) had massively voted against a new investment of Warren Buffet in the company. But I certainly understand why it was rejected. HCG is currently trading at $14.33 per share and Buffet wanted to place another massive investment, but at a ridiculous $10.30 per share. Business men are business men, but Canada is not to be sell to disgusting Americans who think they are the master of the universe and play on us and exclude us from our fundamental right: to own Canadian businesses and make money out of the TSX. From Marc Cohodes to Warren Buffet, Americans need to be pushed over and ignore. Its not because a man has a lot of money that its necessarily a good man or a good investor. 

Marc Cohodes is the perfect portrait of the American millionaire idiot, attacking a lady of the shadow and destroying the value of my very belove Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). If it wouldn't had been of the piece of shit, my TFSA value would had been of 60k right now. I just really hope that Marc Cohodes suffered form the hurricanes because my hate is as big and powerful as those Harvey and Irma hurricanes.

Small investors don't have much power, but we can pray for the hell of our enemies. 

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