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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Despite difficult times, my net worth value is now at its highest value ever, HELLO sexy $229 875. GO GO GO!

I didn't post anything in a while. I had been busy with a mix of stuck in the usuals + the Francos Festival that went on in Montreal. I had been away for my blog, but I always find time to connect online and watch on my precious stocks. Things are quite hard right now and its quite difficult to have money invest in the stock market. Donald Trump is shaking up things baby! Trump is himself a really difficult and hard man. I truly understand why he's separating immigrant children from parents who cross illegally into the United States. It's terrible, its hard, but its one of the best decision he can take in order to slow down the flow of illegals crossing in the USA and its a good thing. That way, we ensure that those illegals don't continue their journey and enter illegally in Canada. It's certainly sad, but the US and Canada cannot save the world. We should be doing the same thing in Canada. We cannot welcome everybody, its the sad reality, and some hard actions need to be taken and Donald Trump is doing what he feels is right for his country and he's right about this. No one is doing nothing to stop illegal immigration. Donald Trump is not afraid to get his hands dirty. And I love that.

At this time, my portfolio is even doing better than on June 1st, which was when I posted my highest value ever registered before. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $183 306.26, my TFSA portfolio at $77 233.04, and my RRSP portfolio, stock only - closed today session at $3 8536.29. And the good news is that I currently estimated my net worth to be on the $229 875 value - just super close to the 230k right now. However, I don't know if it will last long. Donald Trump is causing a lot problems and was just really lucky to have a TSX in the 16 300 points right now. I am getting ready to get hurt and I am mentally prepared to see my TSX going under the 16 000 points. It's a painful experience each and single times.

Today, it shocked me when I read that Donald Trump accused Canadians of smuggling US goods... read it here. Well, its actually true! Families living across US-Canada borders ALL did so once in their lifetime at least... And the shoe thing, well, we might have done that a couple of times in my family and ALSO we had hide things in the car or on ourselves. We'll go shop with our old shoes and leave the old ones in the US. In the 80-90s, that was a common thing. Personally, with my hot body, my special spot to smuggle small things was my bra. Now, you all know. Get me naked if you want to see what I hide and I will be pleased to show you all what I have Mr. President of the United States.

However, with all the drama, no more smuggles. I doubt Canadians will ever shop in the US ever again. I know I won't. FUCKU USA.

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