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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My net worth is now at $232 280.40!

Today, when I saw the TSX going over the 16 400 points, I knew my time was up: my net worth was on the 230k mark! So I went home quietly, leaving my gym bag behind at work, quickly update my portfolio and all the numbers adding up to a good $331 413.83. My margin usage is currently of $99 133.43, leaving me with a net worth of $232 280.40. Today was a historic day for the TSX, as well as for me. It's now official, I now have exceeded the 230k net worth, while the TSX was closing its session at 16 420.95 points. I really wanted to publish an update for my portfolio because I don't know if the good shapes of the TSX will remain or not. Everything is so chaotic, its quite hard to explain the TSX reached a historic high today. 

Also today, I had accumulated a small amount in cash inside my RRSP stocks portfolio. I decided to make a little investment in Logistec Corporation Class B Subordinate Voting Shares (LGT.B). And today, LGT.B closed today session at its highest value of the year: $54.50 per share. I believe that I have all the chances of the word to hit on a $240 000 net worth right on time for my birthday, only if the TSX remains in good shape, and I read on the Globe and Mail that specialists really believe that the rally is not over...

See, the contrarian state is something that is very strong and present on the stock market. It's something that is not understandable. And while having difficulties with our US "friends", the TSX has strong indicators of a good economic growth. The TSX never reacts to the event the way I do and its much better that way. I am the worrying mother waiting for her child to grow and this one won't ever be taking away from me. 

I am currently enjoying my $232 280.40 net worth, but I am now only dreaming of the 250k and I can even dream of reaching the 300k this year or early 2019... And for my 40, a 400k....???!!!!


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S Arun said...

Congrats DG!! Keep it up! I really hope that TSX will continue to perform well :)


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