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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Celebrating my highest value ever with a net worth of $226 801.92

This past weekend, I updated my portfolio, without posting any comments, which is a shame, especially knowing that I had reached my highest value ever., but I had been busy enjoying the nice weather. A net worth of $226 801.92 begins to make a lot of money. And if I would have published a portfolio update, I guess I would be around the 228k net worth value. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at a very good $183 891.78, my TFSA portfolio at $76 278.38 and my RRSP (stocks only) at $38 023.09.

Despite the current insecurities, overall, my portfolio is performing well and I am not surprised. I wrote about this many times before, but I will say it again: I stopped trying to understand the stock market a long time ago. There's that contrarian velvet that englobes the stock market and its a mystery of its own. Sometimes, the very bad news is being announced, but what seems to be really bad to us, normal human creatures, doesn't have a hard effect on the stock market. And I am not suffering anymore because absolutely no one can know for sure how good or bad things are going to on the stock market. It has a soul of it own and its a really difficult one to follow. However, I appreciate today gains. The stock market is like God, you can only admire it from far and when it gives you what you want you to love him and when your life is shit you hate him. This actually resumes briefly what my relationship to God is and I am among the most miserable selfish Christian of all time. But no matter what, from time to time, the Holy Spirit hit me and make me place some real good investments. And I share it all with you so He can one day forgive me.

Other than being richer than ever before, a few great things are going on in my portfolio. Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A) announced today awesome results and a dividend increase of 13.9%. For the first time in a real long time, Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) registered a gain inside my non-registered portfolio. I am thinking about selling partly NTR. My Agrium shares were a much better investment, Agrium was my super stock, I registered really good capital gains. But with NTR, its a completely different story, and I came to hate seeing day after day my NTR shares  Selling partly my investment in NTR - or all - since I hate it so much - could be an easy fix to downgrade the usage of my margin. I am currently sitting on a $99 283.83 margin. Its high, and I must admit that I sometimes pay my credit card using my margin, but at a point, a girl needs to live. And anyhow, I am the best with my pretty $226 801.92 net worth.

Aphria Inc. (APH) closed the trading day on a halt trade. There could be more gains for APH tomorrow. Another great news: today my cherish stock WSP Global Inc. (WSP) opened the TSX today. BING BIG BING.

And by the same way, it seems like investors had waked up. Now, everyone knows the existence of  WSP, the stock closed the session surfing on a gain of 4.33%.


S Arun said...

Congrats DG, Keep it up :) You will hit the $250K in few months..

Anonymous said...

How many stocks do you own across all of your accounts?

Sunny said...

A 250k would be exciting.

My portfolio can be found here:

I own many stocks, I never count how much. It's not in the quantity, but in the belief that the stocks hold are the best stock dogs a girl can possibly have.


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