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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Welcome in my RRSP portfolio Logistec Corporation Class B Subordinate Voting Shares (LGT.B)

This time of the year always been very good to me. It seems like June bring in a lot of sunshine for investors, big or small. June has always been a good month for my investments. I wanted a 230k for my birthday for so long. I was certainly hoping to get on there, but not so soon. This is now leaving me two months to hit on the 240k net worth. Its actually not mission impossible. If my precious Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) hit on its old golden $122 per share, it will be easy to gain $10 000 within two months. Fact is, a $200 000+ portfolio make things a lot easier on me in order to reach my money goals.

I felt quite great with the new investment that I place inside my RRSP portfolio, Logistec Corporation Class B Subordinate Voting Shares (LGT.B). It's a tiny little small investment, but I certainly see myself investing more in Logistec Corporation. I don't have any contribution room left inside my TFSA, but I could invest in LGT.B inside my non-registered portfolio. It would bring some cash value to my margin account.

Other than Logistec Corporation, I don't have any new stocks on my radar. I had been thinking about selling my Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) shares - all or partly, but I now had gave on the idea, especially now that NTR began to grow inside my non-registered porfolio. Its nothing closed compared to the old performance of Agrium, but its a start in the good direction. In its current state, my non-registered and TFSA account bring in the equivalent of $717 per month in dividend income. New LGT.B shares won't bring much in term of dividend, but it might turn out to be a big fat cow gain cash stock on the long run.

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Anonymous said...

Wow the LGBT community has their own stock ticker now?

Oh... that's LGT.B. Sorry.


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