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Monday, August 26, 2019

Happy Birthday MAS$$$$E (and me:-)

This is my last post as a 38 years old, but it's going to be a quick one. Tomorrow is my birthday, as well as MA$E!

If you don't like Ma$e, you just don't know what good old songs are like! So far 39 is not that bad.

My mom has that strange habit to call me ONE day before my actual birthday to wish me happy birthday... which I absolutely hate. And she likes to call me again on that special day. I don't need any reminder, but thank you for the good wishes, because I will need some. 

Yesterday, I was writing about PPL and Derek Foster, and guess what happened, the man had left his cave! Derek Foster sent a newsletter to his follower. And I just don't get the sell of BEP to buy what? some Leon stocks? What??? It's doesn't make quite sense to me. These days, I am not getting much from Derek Foster. Just like you may not like each and single investment I make, but you keep coming around, just in case I could be in love with the right stock. One thing is for sure, my investment in CJT had turned to be a golden ticket. Do you have yours? I don't investment as much as I used to be for many reasons: my portfolio is pretty well established. I basically own all the stocks I ever wanted to have as investment. But from time to time, I surf around, or just hit on something hot on Stockopedia, so you just never know.

Other than listening to come cool Ma$e videos, feel free to jump in anytime you want around here because you just never know if my next investment will have just everything that you need. So behave.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Please keep posting. Thanks.

FJ said...

Wish you many many Happy Returns of the Day! Happy Birthday DG!

GYM said...

Happy birthday Sunny! You're a virgo too! :)

GYM said...

Happy birthday Sunny!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday DG. I hope you enjoyed your special day🎂🎊🎂🎊


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