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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I have a confession to make: I am a romantic investor

If you are a longtime reader, you had already figured that out by yourself a long time ago. If you are new to the blog, you are just about to find out how a strange badass I am. And on top on that you are getting all of my best advice for FREE. You are just so lucky!!!


I guess you could say that I am somewhat a romantic investor. I had become a romantic investor over time. At first, I was only buying Derek Foster stocks. As time buy, I only love my stocks more and more. And I have babies that I wouldn't sell unless there's a big problem. Among my little favorite, we have  Fortis Inc. (FTS),  New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI), Emera Inc. (EMA), Canadian National Railway Co (CNR), Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) and Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) just to name those. My name is not **"@!!!!!. My name is Fortis Inc. (FTS),  New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI), Emera Inc. (EMA), Canadian National Railway Co (CNR), Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) and Park Lawn Corporation (PLC). I actually have other stocks that I like very much. Many of the stocks that I love the most had been with me for a really long time. 

Following 11 years of investment, I have strong intuition on which stocks will work for me for the long run. Each stock that I had been holding on for a long time had been part of my history. Its pure money love baby and when your love is so pure and honest, you cannot go wrong, those stocks are dogs that could kill for me on the stock market if I asked them to. They will - I hope - never let me down. But no matter how strong is the love, you have to do your duty and watch them closely. At the end of the day, the stock market is a dirty business and it's not the place to act like a princess and feel in the like of your stocks but what can I say, I am who I am, but at least, I know how I am. The stock market can be full of trick and really scary, if you don't know yourself before jumping in, I doubt you'll ever be successful. It's because the stock market is too emotionally involved, so you need a good base in yourself. You need the emotionally stable because the TSX, like any other stock market, is far from being stable.

Following Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) big announcement yesterday, it was hard to figure out on which way the stock was going go. I was personally unsure, but many times, when businesses released more stocks, often, the stock will go down. And this is exactly what happens with Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) today. However, I didn't know anything regarding the 6 million+ in subordinate voting shares announcement. It just happens that my timing was right. Not that LSPD doesn't have a great value, but it's a player stock that captures the attention of many many investors, big and small. And because of that, LSPD is the perfect stock for quick buy-and-sell sexy hot money-making moves. With yesterday, that makes the second time that I had been successfully trading LSPD for money and I may trade again LSPD in the future. It's been easy for me so far to trade LSPD because I had been quick. My buy and sell moves were quickly done and when I had a chance to sell at profit, I did. I never last long on LSPD, in the two times. I think that's why I had been successful on those little trades. I didn't make thousands, but I prefer getting involved only with little amounts for those types of trading investment. I want to be able to sleep at night. Also, I am not always available during the daytime to check on LSPD. And I wouldn't like the stock market to become all my life because it's too much of a hard place to be. I can take some load, but at a point, enough is enough.

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