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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Yeah! CAE Inc. (CAE) is increasing its dividend distribution

Today was obviously a pretty bad day for the TSX. I wasn't able to check the closing of the day in real-time because I had to leave work early, since I had a dentist appointment. It went well. All the drama is coming from old grey fillers that I need to get replaced because some fillers started to break and I even one filler that started breaking oe tooth so yeah, my pretty mouth was a mess. The worst part being that I still have more work to be done inside my precious mouth. What I have left to be done will costed 2k. But good news being, what is being left is not a matter of emergency so I am planning to have more work to be done next year, and probably a second time the year after that because my insurance only covered 1k per year.

All of my problems came from a childhood spent in the 80s and early 90s where I was getting hot chocolate in the morning for breakfast. We also drank some coolaid, artificial juice, soda... We always ate quite well at home, the only problem was sugar drinks, especially coke. That stuff ruined my teeth, but it isn't that bad either, it's just light regular fillers on most of my teeth. My dentist said that she had seen worst cases than me. Some ladies in their young forties have none of their real teeth in their mouth. I still have mine, at least. Another problem that I will be facing, in another 10 years so so, is that I need to have them replaced again... Its being said that white fillers last for about 10 years... And since my pretty mouth is full of filler shit, I have to make sure that I put at least 10k aside for my teeth when I will get older. It won't probably cost as much as 10k, but it's good to have more than less so yeah... It's quite expensive to grow in age. As you know, I will be turning 39 on August 27th. Other than my teeth, that are inside of me, I don't have any sign of aging showing up, if not a few white hairs popping out, but I had some blond highlight earlier this summer and nothing is showing up. So this is a real dirty secret just between you and me so don't tell no one.

Knowing I had my appointment at the dentist during the late afternoon, I continue checking the TSX and I saw what I saw, going down, in the fear of a recession. Things are not super great in Germany, which is the heartbeat of the European economy. And the UK is just totally lost. So if things are not all good in Germany, chances are that we are going to hit a wall somewhere. 

I am, again, really happy that I don't hold any more of LSPD shares, and LAS.A shares inside my portfolio. Basically today, the only great financial news I was able to catch today is that CAE Inc. (CAE) - I hold this one inside my RRSP portfolio - had increased its dividend distribution.  But CAE took a hit down today, its value decreased today.

I won't check on the value of my portfolio because: I feel my mouth and I am feeling enough that I don't want to see the numbers. I will be ugly said, I know it. Ok so right now, I am just in need of a Smoothie the Cat video :0)

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