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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Building up my cash savings account

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is still our Prime Minister, but it's the fault of those Quebeckers who massively vote for the Bloc Quebecois Party. More than half of the population who voted didn't vote for the Liberal Party, so that means something at least. We are definitely not a bunch of dummies dummers like in the US. There's still hope for Canadians. I am not totally desperate.

On this first day of Justin Trudeau's new term, the TSX closed today session at 16,391.52 points. Here too, nothing to be desperate of, but of course, I don't like to see my TSX under the 16,500 or 16,400. A TSX in the 16,300 points is just too low for me. To be in financially good shape, I need at LEAST a TSX in the 16,400 points. So let's go baby, obey me, and give it to me, you are mine.

Anyhow, my portfolio is not too bad. My non-registered portfolio is certainly the most affected by those tiny little 16,391.52 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $116,876.03, my TFSA portfolio at $81,242.28‬, my US portfolio at $3,319.84 (US), and my RRSP portfolio at $46,496.68. My TFSA portfolio is doing pretty well, I am actually at a higher value now than compare to September. I have $350 in cash in my TFSA, so in a little while, I will have enough to invest again!

I had put away a little $190 into my savings, which ranks my cash saving to $2,190. I am looking forward to continuing to the same speed, I will try to put $200 in my saving account at every paycheck to build it on a bit more. It's not super great to have so little in cash reserved, don't do as I do. 

My margin debt being at $49,265.97‬, I think my net worth is in the $227k right now. Not too bad.

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