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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Rogers Communications Inc. stocks are for sale

I had bought for the first time this evening Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat since they were on sale at Shoppers. I wanted to try them out. When they are not on sale, Beyond Burger  I am not taking away, the taste is particular, I am not really in love. I find that Beyond Burger doesn't actually have a healthy taste. Maybe it's because of the canola oil, which appears in the third position in the ingredients list. Beyond Burger is definitively not the future of protein. Beyond Burger doesn't contain any sugar, but is full of strange things, like biotin, zinc sulphate, ascorbic acid, maltodextrin... What the heck??!!! I won't be purchasing any Beyond Burger anytime soon. In my opinion, it's way more healthier to simply eat meat, moderately. Nutritionists, in general, don't have a strong positive opinion of those Beyond Burger. 

In other words, after McDonald's, we now have Beyond Burger. Those Americans are still looking forward to make us eat junk food. Another problem that I have with Beyond Burger is that it contains a high level of salt, and I am extremely sensitive to any excess. I had been eating out quite a lot in the past couple weeks, for no particular reason, but I am now paying the price of my excess. This girl is fitting tight in her jeans. It's too bad, but ever since I got back from vacation, I didn't eat out, and I am pretty sure I will drop the extra pounds quickly. For my health, it will be best for me if I don't eat any more Beyond Burger junk. So no more eating out for me. I just got lazy and stop cooking my meals. I know my faults.

It's too bad, but the TSX slides down to 16,335.93 points today. As a result, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $117,071.35. My TFSA portfolio closed at $81,050.27, and my RRSP portfolio at $46,289.40. Telecommunication sector took a hit. Companies had to reach their target, but personally, I think the whole financial system needs to change because, at a point, there's a limit at the profit a company can make. Today, Rogers Communications Inc. title lost close to 8% in value. Thank God, I don't hold to any Rogers stock in my portfolio. Rogers Communications may have reached a limit on the gains they can make. Some investors may think that now is a good time to buy some Rogers Communications Inc. stocks, but I don't share that idea. It's a thing to invest in stocks when the stock market is in a low mode like during the 2008 stock crash, and it's a completely another thing to invest in a stock whose losing value because it's profit is lower than expected. For that reason, I am not willing to invest in Rogers Communications Inc.

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Anonymous said...

I think when you achieve a balance between eating out to enjoy life and travels versus eating in, then that's ok. I am never a believer in foods that try to be healthy, but they are not. Basically, these foods give a false sense of security in people thinking they are eating healthy junk food. A turd is a turd no matter how much make-up you tried to change it from. Having said that, food like Beyond Burger and sugar free alternatives are ways to transition to a healthier kind, which is pure plant protein, less salt and sugar.

On another topic; 90% of the wealth today are held by the top 1% of the elite and the problem is that, the top 1% continues to accumulate more wealth leaving the bottom 80% of the people struggling to make ends meet. We have a society who adores the elite, even if we dislike them. They are willing to shutdown their basic humanity to adore these elites, by following their examples of material excess, by living the high life, by accumulating those 30 year mortgages and paying sky high home prices just to have a piece of a dream of becoming the next Donald Trump real estate mogul. This elite mindset is causing the slowing down of the corporate profits, because how long can we continue to borrow in excess without needing to pay it back. Oh, there is this thought that when you borrow money you don't need to pay it back. Not true. It is just that in this environment of elite excess, people think they are rich and free. But is freedom true when you are tied to a mortgage, tied to paying down your margin account and tied to working a job paying the essentials? I don't think so. Rogers communication is basically caught in this elitist mindset where they can charge overage on data plans when most of the time in the world, data plans are very cheap and plentiful. Canada is by far one of the most expensive country in terms of data plans controlled by basically 3 cartels; Rogers, Telus and Bell plus Shaw freedom. What these companies don't realize is that, pushing people to overpay will eventually cause people to seek alternatives, cheaper alternatives. Just like eventually when you push people to continue borrowing, eventually they will stop and question why they need to borrow, to pay for some elite banker who holds your margin account or mortgage and be a slave to them. How can then you are free when you are tied in bondage with the banker?


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