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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

No, the TSX is not that warm sweet place to be

Things are not super hot for the TSX right now and in result, my beautiful portfolio had been taking the hit. In time like these, the best thing to do is really to stay out of the stock market. I, of course, follow the TSX every day, but it's obviously not fun to see my TSX going down because it's also unfortunate but if the TSX goes down, so is my net worth! This is an exact real-life illustration of what happens when you are almost 100% invested in stocks. When you are almost 100% of your assets are invested in stocks, your net worth value totally depends on the good willing of the stock market. It's not fun to see all that you own going down during downturns. However, I can say for sure that if it wouldn't be from my investment in stocks, I wouldn't have as much as 220k+ on the date of today. There's really a hard part that comes from investing in stock, and I feel that no one exposes the reality as it is. No one ever explained how sick to your stomach you'll get when the TSX goes down. All of those rollercoasters drives are hard. And at a point, I get enough of it, but I am not where I have enough yet for myself. And sincerely, when I will be on a net worth of 300k-350k, I will sincerely be thinking about my options. 

BUT - on the other hand, all of that market stuff, as good or bad it can get, it's pretty addictive, so what else can I say? I guess I am pretty much in here stuck for many many years ahead. So that way, you'll have plenty of posts to read. Being almost 100% invested also comes with many rewards and the ultimate reward happens whenever the TSX reached it's the highest value. Whenever such awesome events happen, when the TSX is at top of the game, well, guess what, I am also on top of my game. There's just no better feeling in the world than to know that yes, I am a good investor, I kick ass and from time to time, I am getting that heavy overflow super feelings of over joy and over satisfaction.

Today is just another say on the TSX. It's quite frustrating because I was all set to hit on the $250 000 net worth, but bang!, TSX bitch decided otherwise. Better luck next time, sexy shooter.


unbalanced said...

I miss your reporting my Angel

Anonymous said...

I think it would be good to invest in a cardboard box company bc of popular on line shopping. Any ideas to find one? Amazon boxes do not show who makes them so probably made in China. Thanks.


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