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Monday, October 21, 2019

Who will be our next Prime Minister?

I just came back late yesterday evening from a few vacation days in New Brunswick. When I arrived in New Brunswick, there were still leaves on the trees, but 9 days later, it was almost all gone... Here in Montreal, the weather is better and autumn had just begun. The weather is a lot colder where I am from. I am now as fresh as a rose, but I am curious to see how long that well-being feeling will remain for...

I had a busy day, and on top of everything, today is our election day. I went to vote straight after work. I was surprised, I didn't wait, I was able to vote right away. I completed my civic duty and I voted for NDP. However, it's because I was in a strange situation. I couldn't vote for any other party, I will explain why.

This whole political campaign wasn't really driving and passionate. The Tories went too far in their publicity messages against Trudeau, it was all a heavily negative, aggressive campaign coming from the Tories and at a point, I could no longer watch TV. I was quite annoyed with the Tories, even if I don't like Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is a childish leader. Trudeau doesn't deserve to continue being our next Prime Minister. He has a lot to be ashamed of, including the legalization of cannabis, which had been a complete fiasco, and not to forget the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Only for the SNC-Lavalin affair alone, I don't understand why Canadian are voting for the Liberal Party after that.

The Tories need a new leader, who will be more down to earth and less bestial. It could give a better option for Canadians. I dislike Andrew Sheer, he doesn't belong in the Canadian political scene.

So I dislike both Justin Trudeau and Andrew Sheer.

I simply couldn't vote for François-Yves Blanchet and his Bloc Québécois. I think it's a shame to have a federal political party like the Bloc Québécois. We should do like they do it in Spain: put in prison François-Yves Blanchet and all Quebeckers who want to make Quebec a country of its own. When you live in the best country in the world, with the best stock market, and that your life is fun and easy, it should be considered a crime to considerate being independentist. Take a look at the UK just to see how stupid those people are.

As for the Green party, Elizabeth May is not getting any better with age. I am not feeling a strong leadership coming out from her. She's at ease the way her party is and as long as she will remain there, the Green party won't become an important party. Her propositions don't make any sense to me.

I vote NDP because I had no other choice. And don't even mention Maxime Bernier to me, please. He's definitively not an option.

However, I am against Jagmeet Singh. I do like Jagmeet Singh personality. He has his own style, he's always polite and calm. Jagmeet Singh is a good leader. His campaign wasn't negative, he had followed his own path. I have a true admiration for him. However, only Canadian borns citizens should be able to do politic in Canada. I like Jagmeet Singh, but he's not at his place. In Canada, immigrates shouldn't have the right to get involved into politic, because who they are had been shaped by where they are coming from. Only real Canadians should have the right to do politic. That's my belief. I am sort of a right extreme wing persona, but a totally nonviolent one.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Jagmeet Singh was born in Scarborough, Ontario, so he is Canadian.

Sunny said...

That's good if he's born Canadian, I feel better with my vote.


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