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Monday, November 18, 2019

I am now at my highest value EVER: celebrating a $237,207.74 net worth!

This past Friday, I had updated my investment portfolio. I just had no choice since the TSX decided to pop up the 17 000 points. As a result, I closed this past Friday session at my highest net worth value EVER: $237,207.74. I am getting closer to the 240k net worth, and the 250k doesn't appear to be too far away. And now, it seems like 17 000 points had become a new natural for the TSX. We closed today session on a really nice 17,025.11 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today at $120,782.91, my TFSA portfolio at $83,693.25 and my RRSP portfolio at $47,811.39. My numbers are quite strong, at this beginning of winter who started in the flesh of cold.

It's quite hard to believe that we are on a 17 000 points, especially now, while Donald Trump is facing impeachment. But no matter what, these days, both Canada and the US had registered really strong gains for their respective stock markets. I was quite shocked to see that 17 000 points coming my way. This game was going to be easy after all. I started the year 2019 with a $191,009.83 net worth, and now, I am getting ready to close the same year with a $240,000, let say $245,000 net worth, which represents a possible gain for 2019 exceeding 50k. This illustrates a direct positive effect related to my own personal financial situation. I don't suggest this to anyone. I often said that I wanted to increase the savings that I have in my bank account. I now have almost $3,000 in cash saving, but it's been easy: I am not tempted to buy anything on the stock market right now. Also, the fact that I am almost 100% invested in stocks had helped me to jump in profit.

It's been quite busy at work for the past couple weeks and while facing busy hours, I stopped drinking water, I had been eating out a lot more outside, I stopped working out (because I was too tired), and in result, I gained a couple pounds... During those hard days, my investment portfolio took care of business by itself and while this poor honey girl was working super hard, my investment portfolio was working super hard too. Now, let say that I am working at fixing my problems. I can gain weight super quickly, but to lose it, it takes more time, discipline. I need to drink water, I need to eat super healthy, eat vegetables, and bring my lunch to work. I had been back on my old ways now for a little while, so my little problem should get fixed soon. I already began to lose a few pounds. So that's good news, isn't it? I need to do this now before it gets out of control.

The only problem that I have right now is that I wonder if recession signs are still on. Nothing is easy on the stock market. It's nice to be on a 17 000 points, feel like heaven, I am the Queen of the TSX and I never ever had a  $237,207.74 of my own before, but I wonder if it will last and if the true natural state of our belove TSX is at where it should be right now. Currently, it's looking like Alberta province is facing a downturn, something is currently going on with Canadian National Railway Co (CNR), which is a stock that I massively hold in my portfolio. I mean, nothing is safe, nothing is secure, so you got to do what you need to do: enjoy the moment when it passes and me at the top of things because I am.

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Anonymous said...

congratulation. It take almost a year to go back to above 230K level. Good work..


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