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Saturday, November 9, 2019

I had reached my highest net worth value EVER!

With a TSX that closed in the 16,877‬ points, I couldn't have done any better. Yesterday, when I update my portfolio value, I wasn't expecting a high 235k net worth, more exactly $235,168.39. It took me 12 years to get there (I had been building up my investment since 2007, the year that I started this blog). It could seem like a really long road, but when I started, I only wanted a $50 000 of my own and back then, I taught that it would take me forever. I never taught that one day I would have a $235 000 of my own. It's only a number. Fact that I own $235 000 doesn't change anything in my life, but let say that I am more secure financially. And I have mix feelings on how much it represents a huge and small amount at the same time. Since everything is back in stocks and that my stocks are my babies, which I won't sell, I can only benefit from the dividend distribution that those stocks provide. Luckily, so far in my life, I never had to sell any of my stocks because I had needed money. I do sometimes sell stocks, but it's never a matter of necessity.

Yesterday when I updated my portfolio, in my mind, I was set for a 232k net worth, so that 235k net worth was quite a nice surprise. I am enjoying the moment. It's precisely the reason why I had posted an updated of my investment portfolio because I know too well how much the stock market can be volatile. Don't forget that I started the year 2019 with a net worth that was below the 200k net worth: $191,009.83. Between January and November 8, 2019, by net worth gains $44,158.56, which is quite enormous. I have to say that I still remember the feeling of having to deal with a net worth below the 200k mark. It wasn't fun, I was quite upset. No one ever truly explains how hard it is to be an investor. But no matter how hard it can get, rewards come, sooner or later. The stock market can only naturally go up over time, especially since the governments are closely involved, with the help of all central banks worldwide. Nothing bad can last too long, but that doesn't preserve us from the volatility.

For the past couple of weeks, I had been sticking to my savings plan, which was to put away $200 per paycheque in my savings account. I now almost have 3k in my savings account, this plan is working well for me. 2020 is not that far away and once January 2020 finally arrived, I would like to take my investment in Kinder Morgan Canada Limited restricted voting shares (KML) for a TFSA contribution in kind.

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