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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Looking forward to what will happen to my Kinder Morgan Canada Limited restricted voting shares (KML) shares

Today I worked from home and I went to bed straight after for a little nap. The worst thing being is that is I am still feeling tired so I probably going to sleep like a baby after this post is done and gone.
Yes, it's another super great day for the TSX. From now on, whenever we are closing over the 17,000 points, we are in business. And that means that it's been a good day for the TSX. And today had been one of those good days. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $118,913.08, my TFSA portfolio at $84,183.33, and my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $48,173.82. Only my non-registered portfolio is on a down spirit.

It seems like the CN employees are no longer on strike, so that release a bit of stress on my indelicate shoulders. I am still checking over Savaria Corporation (SIS) - it's looking like SIS is just doing fine for now. Kinder Morgan Canada Limited restricted voting shares (KML) is under progress to be integrated with PPL, but I just don't get what will happens to KML shares. I guess they will simply get on a roller and integrate PPL regular shares.

You might not believe, but since I am now exceeding 3k in my savings account, I am currently shopping on TD for a GIC, but they kind of all suck. And here am I, at the point where I am always: why should I leave money in the bank while the TSX had been my best buddy lately? Love is definitively in the air between me and the TSX. And the best thing is that 2020 could just continue on those same good vibes. I am probably going to hit the 250k net worth in no time, and it's about time.

Knowing that the TSX is the place to be, why should I leave precious money at the bank? That's my dilemma. TD with is bad selection of GIC is not helping me getting away from my old habits.

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