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Monday, November 25, 2019

Trouble ahead for Nutrien Ltd. (NTR)?

The TSX is quite interesting and full of surprises. The TSX closed today's session on a fantastic 17,032.86 points. So far, my prediction seems to be right: the 17 000 points could really be the new natural for the TSX. Like announced yesterday, I checked on Savaria Corporation (SIS), but everything seems to be under control. Savaria Corporation (SIS) is trading in the $14 per share, which is super great. Right now, I am not worrying about SIS, but more about Nutrien Ltd. (NTR).

The CN strike is having major negatives effects on our economy. The TSX may be in the magic 17,000 points for now, but that could be somewhat of only an illusion. I don't know if, currently, our economical state really reflect something as powerful and alienating as 17,000 points. Because those 17,000 points are my newest source of obsession. And the obsession is of the following: day after day, will the TSX closed on 17,000 points or higher? Because if it goes lower or when it does, it can be quite disappointing. 17,000 points mean a lot to me. And especially means a girl on top of her game. After experiencing a $237 000 net worth, I can say that the hunger to experiencing even more gains has never been so strong.

I don't know It's not something I ever taught about, but currently, the CN strike is causing severe damaging to our economy. It wasn't long ago that Derek Foster announced that he was investing in Nutrien Ltd. (NTR). Since I like to take it easy, I decided that since THE Derek Foster was investing in NTR, I was going to follow him like a little muppet and invest, again, in NTR. Back in the days, I had been a really proud holder of some Agrium stocks. With Agrium, I was on top of the world, I was on wealthy profit, registering several thousands of healthy cash with Agrium. Unfortunately, the party is now long gone and over. Ever since Agrium transforms itself and became Nutrien Ltd. (NTR), things haven't been easy. Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) is not able to reach half of the good profit that I had with Agrium. And because of this, I had sold out half of the stocks that I was holding of NTR. Currently, the situation is getting any better and could go even worst, thanks to the CN strike. 

I have never been really satisfied with Nutrien Ltd. (NTR). I know I wrote a little way back that I was going to invest again in NTR, but now, I am doubting. I am not feeling like adding more stocks of my NTR in my portfolio is the right thing to do. I prefer to add something new - or something else.

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