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Thursday, February 6, 2020

I am now on my highest net worth value EVER: $254,435.86‬

Yesterday, I proceed with a quick debt and investment portfolio update. I knew that I was on my way to hit on the 260k net worth, or somewhere close. That's how that yesterday, my net worth closed on $254,435.86‬. But today, my numbers are even better and hotter! Today, my non-registered portfolio closed on $125,906.16, my TFSA portfolio at $88,871.31 and my RRSP portfolio, at $50,703.66. I am certainly on a 2k gains. My net worth is probably in the 256k right now. I might have all the chances of the world to reach in after to all to reach the oh so wanted $300 000 net worth. But suddenly, 300k doesn't seem as being that much at all. And suddenly, I NEED MORE MONEY. As my value grows, it seems to me like the money I have is not that much at all. It's kind of a charming turn, to know how much all this means to me now. And it's quite amusing just to realize how much my hunger for that $300 000 is really is. I never taught it was going to be so damn easy.

I didn't place new investments yet, I still have close to 4k in cash inside my TFSA. It's quite busy at work so I am not at a place where I can easily see clear on what to do next. Currently, the most valuable thing I guess is my savings, which I like to name cold cash. Money in a saving account is worth being name cold cash because only money fully invested in stocks is hot, and savings are cold.

I quickly read that BCE Inc. (BCE) had increased its dividend distribution. WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is ALMOST trading at $100 per share. I also recently great stuff about both Aecon Group Inc. (ARE) and Metro Inc. (MRU). Now that I am just so close to reaching out a 300k net worth, I just really want to hit on that stock that will give me the push that I need to really move over all my expectations and wildest dream. And this is what I am good at. I know I can make it.

However, right now, my greatest enemy is myself. I am just getting tired these days and my job is quite difficult. I just feel like I need a vacation and I need to meet a rich man. With this winter I have dry skin and I am just not feeling exactly myself.

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