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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

OH NOOO, the TSX is going flat DOWN

Rough days for the TSX! My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $121,356.34, my TFSA portfolio at $87,343.84, and my RRSP portfolio at $49,536.38. My numbers are not too bad, knowing what's going on. This week, the stocks market had reacted quite hard. We were almost in the 18 000 points, and now, we are closer to the 17 000 than to the 18 000 points. Nothing better than a wild volatility correction to put things back in perspective. I don't know if the stock market is reacting too much. In the present time, for once, the stock market is reacting quite normally, because of the virus. The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands frequently. It's something that I am used to do naturally. Personally, I don't fear death, I don't even believe that I can actually die, my body is just too great for that purpose. But I guess one day, I will know for sure. Until that time, I am watching closely my beauties going down down down... While doing so, I cannot do much, so I am burning myself to the gym right after work and by doing, I just have more energy. I used to feel tired in the evening, while not going to the gym. So to the gym, I do belong. Currently, my favorite gym song that I listen to on and on and on... is from A$AP Rocky. The rhythm of the song is just perfect. Not too slow, not too fast. I have a crush on that guy. I don't know if it will last or not. LOL

This had been released a little while back, but I don't get enough of that song! Let's dance while the stock market is going all the way down. You won't be able to do anything to stop it anyway, so breathe in and try to relax. Just keep everything in there, it's not the time to sell. It's during hard times like these that I built up my portfolio. My what used to be a $257 000 net worth had been build on total distress and misery.

And I am helping the moment by checking on my beautiful blog, and remembering that at a special time of my life, I had reached $257 000 in net worth. With Spring coming soon enough, maybe the epidemic will be hitting less, I just hope so. Be ready, tomorrow could also be a bad day for the TSX. I am getting ready to invest. Despite being frightening, it's when the TSX hit low that we need to buy our precious stocks. It's something that is easier to say than to do. I am not in a hurry to invest because I am under the impression that the TSX could go lower. So if you don't feel ok to invest now, you can certainly hold on to your cash for now. It's not a shame to hold on to some cash inside a portfolio. I had been living with now a 4k in cash inside my TFSA for what - a couple of weeks now? And I am just doing ok the way I am.

Other than the virus, we have a lot going on in Canada. Personally, I always loved the train. Where I am from in New Brunswick, we can see the train, and hear it coming, despite being at a good distance. I guess that no one is hearing much of trains these days, but I don't know for sure the situation in New Brunswick. Justin Trudeau is so not the politician of the situation right now. I am totally in favor of the indigenous resistance. This is just not hard to understand, we shouldn't invade indigenous land, it's just somewhat common sense that Trudeau is too lazy to understand. We should all stand behind them. This is bad to the economy, but it's the fault of Mr. dumb-dumb Justin Trudeau.

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