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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Probably saying hello to a somewhat $258 000 net worth

My RRSP portfolio closed today session at $51,002.60 - I think it's the first time it reached 51k. My TFSA portfolio closed today session at $89,882.35 and my non-registered portfolio, at $125,637.08. I am probably in the $258 000 net worth or around. I really hope that no one of my readers actually has anything invested in Bombardier Inc. because today, BBD.B lost closed to 10%.
I now have $4,233.04 savings. Once I reached 5k, I will be good to have.. free cheques. I didn't contribute yet to my TFSA in 2020, which is a real shame. However, I absolutely need free cheques and I am going to explain why. You got to imagine me at work, my cell phone is ringing, I am terribly annoyed, but I answer anyway, just in case it would be an emergency coming from my old folks in New Brunswick. I answer the phone and it's not the voice of someone I know, I am thinking about a telemarketing score. I am terribly annoyed... And then, I hear the man asking for me, and then he said that he was from an anti-fraud department... And of course, I freaked out, what the f is going on? But then I am being asked if I made a cheque of X amount... Of course, that was my rent cheque, but it's just that instead of paying using a cheque from my line of credit, I pay using a cheque coming from my credit card and then received THE call lol... Hell yeah, I need some free cheques PLEASE. LOL

It might feel as being useless to have 5k in savings, but it took me a while before building up my savings account, so I prefer that the money stay where it is. It's all pretty much psychological with me. And frankly, I have almost 4k in cash in my TFSA and I am still thinking about what to invest in.

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