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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Perfection has a name: its Fortis Inc. (FTS)

Another post because mommy is here to help! Ok so, now is a good time to invest in stock, but in which one? When everything is going well like it did for the past couple of weeks, stocks are expensive. In times like we are in right now - this is the perfect time to invest in stocks. I have many little favorites, but the stock of my life that I really like but I never barely write about: Fortis Inc. (FTS). That stock is soooo strong and with an amazing chart that drive a sexy spell on you.

Finding good quality stocks to invest in is not an easy thing. But you have to trust me when I say that Fortis Inc. (FTS) is perfection because it is. A chart simply doesn't lie. No need to understand finance or anything else. Everything you need is in that line. Fortis is usually always really strong, you may want to take advantage of the kittle drop that we are currently experiencing in Fortis right now because guess what, it's what I am going do for a good 2k that I have in cash inside my TFSA (I know, finally).!

No stock is at no risk, but you can easily tell if a stock is secure by looking at an overall chart. And of course, that chart needs to go all the way up. If you want to invest in stock right now, focus on a stock that pays a reasonable and not too high dividend yield, have a good overall chart and that s not to shake up by the current stock market disastrous situation.

I am going to throw other stocks that I hold and that you might like to consider as an investment:
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)
WSP Global Inc. (WSP) 

And check out my portfolio for other ideas because I am ending this here. 

No need to thank me for anything.

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Anonymous said...

Hey DG, thanking you anyways. I like all your suggestions. I was hoping FTS price would decline a bit before initiating a position, but I may go ahead with a small order.
Cheers, Carol


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