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Monday, March 9, 2020

A really bad day for the TSX and for me

What a day! My non-registered portfolio closed on a tiny little $100,310.76, my TFSA portfolio at $79,263.23 and my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $44,766.50. It wasn't fun to watch, but while the TSX was losing in the 10% value, the opportunity was just too good, I decided to invest in some Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) stock. In a result, I now only have left 2k in my savings account. I also invested in some BNS stocks for my RRSP portfolio, since I had a little bit in cash available, coming from dividend distribution. The TSX could go lower tomorrow, that's something that could happen. Personally, when I see that the TSX is not doing well, like for today, I like to withdraw money from my credit line and transfer it on my margin, just to make sure I avoid a margin call. And sincerely, today, I had my cell phone near me. However, in case of need, I doubt that I will ever receive a call, TD could flush me, kill me and sell my stocks without any notice. That's what you get from having a margin account, only worries. But it's nothing that I haven't been able to handle so far.

Investing in such a downturn market is certainly not pleasant, but it's while stocks are cheap that we need to invest. Now is time to focus on ultra quality stocks that pay a good, but reasonable dividend distribution, like for example, Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). This is not the time to invest in whatever stock. With my new BNS stocks, my overall dividend income is now at $9 563.69.

This coronavirus crisis is bad. Personally, I have asthma, I don't know how bad I could react to that virus, despite the fact that I am pretty strong, thanks to many hours spend at the gym, but I prefer not to know. Luckily, I don't have to take the metro to go to work, I walk. While arriving at work, I go straight to the bathroom to wash my hands because I have to touch two heavy doors, elevator buttons + the office door in order to go to work. I don't share my desk with anyone at work, so my spot is pretty secure. A major concern remains the gym, but lately, I had been to the gym a lot and I am finally losing weight so I am not about to stop anytime soon, no matter what. I wash my hands once I am done and I wash again my hands again once at home. In a day, I wash my hands quite often, but I apply hands cream after, I wouldn't like my skin to break in. This is just basic hygiene, but generally peaking, I won't like, I don't wash my hands once I arrived work, only when I arrived home.

During those hard times, I think it's important to follow the stock market, yes, but also to have other strong interest so the focus is not exclusively put on what is going on out there because it can be nerve breaking. On those goods, I wish you good luck.

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