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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Telus Corp (T)!

I don't know what you are doing these days, but here in Montreal, nothing much is going on. However, it's not because everything is close that I am doing anything. I am still employed, I can work from home. For me, it's basically one week at a time. I know that if work gets slow, I could lose my job. I don't take things for granted, but at least here in Montreal, it will be easier to find a job if something has to happen.

Since gyms are all closed, I have to find something to burn myself. Walking around for just walking is just not my thing. I took quite a long walk this Saturday to downtown Montreal, just to see which stores were open and which stores were closed and almost every stores were closed, including Indigo, which is usually never never closed. at the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, SAQ, Best Buy - there were actually people waiting outside to enter the store. And the same thing with that store that sells marijuana, there was a big line up of people waiting outside, and they were not at 2 meters form each other. Personally, I go out every day, even if the idea of walking just for walking doesn't bring in much excitement. I watch out to stay away from other people. It's a good thing that stores are closed because people being people, if stores remain open, people, I included, will go out and just shop. And especially with spring coming in a hurry, it's just too tempting to get something new for our wardrobe isn't it?

Being stuck at home have some advantages. Like I can sleep later during the mornings, because I don't have to go to my workplace, it's obviously easier to build up some savings because all the stores are close, even the hairdresser... So no spending, working from home, so can you just concentrate on drinking water and get ready for summer - without... shopping. I am not a fan of online shopping or Amazon.

This past Friday, I was all happy because the TSX was going great at a point, it was exceeding the 12 000 points! But unfortunately, it closed the day at 11 851 points, which is not really good. These days on the stock market, it's really one day at a time. The TSX like other stock markets around the world is responding really sharply to this human disaster. This will do its time. Also, let's not forget that the market was just silently waiting for a moment to do its correction and it did. We actually have a double disaster here in Canada: that virus AND oil thing, which has the effect of a double-dip of trouble. And the TSX never likes it when there's trouble.

I announced it previously, Telus Corp (T) went under a stock split and I couldn't resist, I bought some Telus Corp (T) stock for my non-registered portfolio. I already had some Telys stocks inside my RRSP portfolio, but I decided to extend the experience to my non-registered portfolio. It's hard these days to see my net worth going all the way down, but this won't last, it's a temporary situation. I am trying to make the most of it by investing from time to time. There's just one basic rule that you need to know: it's time to buy while stocks are cheap. 

With my newest Telus Corp stocks inside my non-registered portfolio, my overall dividend income if now at almost 10k, $9 805.01.

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Ruth McCarthy Kruuv said...

thanks for the info on Telus, I didnt know what happened to it...i should know.


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