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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Terrible shitty shitty day for my investment portfolio

The TSX lost again some major points today, despite many announcements that been made in both US and Canada. For now, it's really one day at a time on the stock market. Surprisingly, I am taking the hit without too much stress. It's not something that keeps me awake at night. My non-registered registered portfolio closed today at $73,068.69, my TFSA portfolio at $64,171.65, and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $37,822.18. I am in a delicate situation regarding my margin account. I only have left available less than $13 000 in margin cash, this is quite a low amount. I had times when I only had 15k available, but my best number to feel comfortable is between 15 to 20k, and the more is even the better. I do transfers morning and evening, from my credit lines to my margin account, it's a quick 15k that I have available that way. I have access to another $10 000 credit line that I can use, but I will need to go to the bank to use it. The interest rate on that credit line is actually of 6.95%. 

If the TSX loses again points tomorrow, I will need to act, and act fast. But each day being different, let's just pray that I won't have to go out and have a deadly face-to-face with a coronavirus. I actually do go out, just for a quick walk around, but being in a public place, like a bank, doesn't feel like a right place to be. I always have as idea to wake up early in the morning to go for a walk. The morning would be the best time, but it's just too hard. I never been an early bird. Mornings were made to sleep, end of the discussion. The best would be one walk in the morning, and another one once I am done with work in the evening.

These days, the TSX offers great cheap stock. However, I feel that there are some stocks that need to be avoid: the oil and gas stocks, and any stocks related to that sector. For example, Bank of Montreal (BMO) is severely exposed to the oil and gas sectors because as a bank BMO had loaned money to many companies operating in the oil and gas sectors. Among the Canadian banks, BMO has the biggest exposure to those types of loans. For that reason, Bank of Montreal (BMO) needs to be avoided at any cost. In the other hand, stocks like Metro Inc. (MRU), Fortis Inc. (FTS), Calian Group Ltd. (CGY), stuff like that. 

It's just quite difficult right now to be stuck in between the temptation to invest more and my desire to save my margin situation. And that because these days, I am getting poorer and poorer...

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