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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Richness now is in toilet papers and Purell, no more in stocks

This weekend, I updated my investment portfolio, and I updated my debt situation today. I didn't post anything else this weekend because I got busy shopping around, it was almost exhausting. My goal was to have enough to cover my needs for one month, which I more or less succeed despite all the money I spent. I would need more fruit and vegetable canes, and also something to drink like maybe Gatorade or something like it. However, this is not a real problem because I live quite close by to grocery stores and others. While packing reserve like this, it seem like I always have something missing. This past weekend, I knew there was something about toilet paper, and I was able to get some on Saturday, but later during the day, all toilet paper was well gone. This toilet paper thing is even a problem that my old folks are facing in New Brunswick. I wasn't able to find any Purell, but I don't mind that much because luckily, I can work from home.

This Friday, I had borrowed 5k from one of my credit line. This is a desperate measure to secure my credit line at an interesting rate. The only problem being that the minimum payment required on that credit line is $300 per month, on the 3th of each month (I was able to pick the date) which is a lot, but I plan to withdraw that $300 paid at the beginning of the month at the end of each month. Today, the TSX plunged again. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $81,314.68, my TFSA portfolio at $68,023.96, and my RRSP portfolio stocks only at $38,173.18. For now, it's pretty much a day at a time. I will try to invest along the way. And when I will do so, I will invest inside my non-registered portfolio, in order to help my margin account case.

Gyms are closed, among others, which is too bad. Since I am working from home, I will try to get up early so I can take a walk before beginning work, and another walk when I am done with work. If I don't do that, I will gain weight. Despite it all, spring and summer are comings. While at the gym, I could easily burn 600 calories in one hour up to 900 calories in one and a half hours. I won't be able to burn 600 calories only by walking for one hour. For that reason, and also because I want to stretch every dollar spend in my food haul of this weekend, I am more controlling the portion that I eat. 

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