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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fortis Inc. (FTS) President and CEO Barry V. Perry announces his retirement

Real bad day for the TSX as my worst fear became reality: the TSX closed in the 15 800 points. And of course, that affects the value of my different investment portfolios. I had listened to today Throne Speech, as well as Justin Trudeau's press speech this evening that took place just a few minutes ago. When I listened to Julie Payette's speech, I was pleased with everything that was presented. However, there were a lot of times in which there was a celebration of the Liberal party and of all of the great things that Trudeau has done for Canadians... It was kind of a look at us, the Liberal party is going great things for Canadians...


A lot of promises had been made. I think it's a real good thing to help out families and to make sure that every province had access to good childcare support. I can say that in New Brunswick, 30 years ago, there was nothing really set for childcare. Any mom could open her own kindergarten at home, without any regulations to be followed. At that time, families had to pay a high price to have their children taking care of. Back in the days, I know a relative who had a kindergarten at home, and it was a fee per day. When no system support families, that can quickly make things extra difficult. I don't know how kindergartens are how being finance in New Brunswick and the current regulations, but I am pretty sure that my home province will welcome any federal help in that matter. If the federal help in the field of child care, that will help to create jobs, and more women will be able to go to work or go back to school.


For that part, investing in child care is money well spend that can contribute to the wellness of everyone.

Other than that, the Liberal party will continue to give away money to support those who are out of works, and also to the businesses, different programs are being offered. It's all good, but the part that I dislike was when Julie Payette and Justin Trudeau both said that the government was able to help Canadians on credit because the interest rates are low. Nice, but at a point, all debt needs to be paid off. I feel that the Liberal party is being too generous with workers. We need all kinds of workers in different fields and sectors, but the current subvention for unemployment is being too generous, and no following up is being made to check if those who are out of work are currently looking for work. Right now, anyone can cash in unemployment benefit, they can stay at home without doing any job search, and during that time, many employers are desperate to find employees. Many things need to be improved, but they are not improving because the Liberal party generosity is being a big part of the problem. Future generations, and even mine, may have to pay a high price for that generosity. Under Justin Trudeau, the Liberal party is far from being perfect.


In those circumstances, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at a low $100,787.08, my TFSA portfolio at $88,699.04, and my RRSP portfolio at $47,945.02. My margin debt is now at $46,400.02, and I have left $17,301.27 in margin usage. I don't think I will proceed with any more contribution in kind for my TFSA portfolio. I am just enjoying what I have and it's about all.


Today, the President and CEO of one of my favorite stock ever, Fortis Inc. (FTS), announced his retirement. Under the leadership of Barry V. Perry, Fortis Inc. (FTS) was able to provide a lot of richness to their shareholders, and that include also me. I wonder how FTS stock will react to that announcement tomorrow morning. Let's wish that my next stock pick will be as good as Fortis Inc. (FTS).

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