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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Is WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL) could be a good fit in my investment portfolio?

The stock market ups and downs that we are in since the beginning of this pandemic is making hard to invest or to even like stocks. It required investments that are solid like a rock to go through this without too much damaged. In the circumstances, I considered myself lucky to have a net worth in the 200k. I always like to search for something new to invest in. Until today, I didn't have any new investment that I wanted for my portfolio, but that all changed when I met WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL). Having no investment dream, not having a single stock that I really want to invest in next is like super boring for me. 
And because I have the portfolio that I have for a long time now, it's hard to find something new to invest in, because I already hold so many great stocks. At a point, I consider it as being a normal situation not being able to find new stocks to invest in. The TSX has it limit, however, there's always something new, or a stock that went under the radar and I didn't notice for whatever reason. And that's exactly why no one should ever stop searching for new investments. You never know what you had been missing until you have find that new really hot thing.

In my case, that hot new thing is currently WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL). At less than $10 per stock, WELL is in a good place. That stock didn't pay dividend, but I wouldn't mind investing a small amount in it. I find that stock in The Motley Fool. It's the first time that I find a new stock to invest in by reading The Motley Fool. I don't hold any stocks that are in the health sector. I find WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL) interesting for that reason. WELL is a nice mix between technology and health. In my investment portfolio, I did really well on stocks that are related to the IT: CGI Inc. (GIB.A) and Calian Group Ltd. (CGY). Kind of bit like WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL), GIB.A and CGY both provide services in the field of technology. 
Back in 2019, it was said that Li Ka-Shing, a Chinese billionaire had invested in WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL). It's unfortunate, but stock markets are an open market, and even a rich Chinese can come over and invest in our market. And it seem like it's easy like that. Chinese interest shouldn't mix with Canadian ones. China being China, I am pretty sure that Li Ka-Shing is not an honest business man. Anyone with valuable money coming from China cannot be respectable. At a point, they had to do some crimes or financial crimes to come to that extend in a communist country. For that reason, I won't be investing in WELL Health Technologies Corp. (WELL) for now. 
Currently, I only want to pay off my $4 800 credit line debt. I am expecting a good amount on my paycheck tomorrow, and it will all go to pay down that little debt. I hope to clear it out soon.


Anonymous said...

Li Ka-shing's Rags-To-Riches Story: How Hong Kong Billionaire Made His Fortune

Anonymous said...

Li Ka-Shing is a Hong Kong tycoon who already made his fortune in Hong Kong under British rule before Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese Communist Party and People's Republic of China in 1997.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I decided to stop reading this blog because of carelessly racist stereotype comment and lack of research from this blog writer. It's not hard to do a google search to find out who Li Ka-Shing is and how he made his fortune. But if this rich billionaire has a Chinese sounding name and is ethnically and culturally Chinese then he must have been a dishonest businessman who made money thru corruption in communist China?! What about rich business people from Taiwan and Singapore? Do your research before making casually racist comments, please!

Anonymous said...

From Factory Worker to Richest Man In Asia, the Story of Li Ka-Shing

The story of Li Ka-shing, the billionaire who made early bets on Facebook, Spotify

Who is Li Ka-shing? Hong Kong’s richest man is called the Warren Buffett of Asia

Anonymous said...

Li Ka-shing is Canadian. Google him, please.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how ignorant you are. It definitely detracts from those who read your blog to question whether you know really what you are talking about.


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