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Sunday, September 27, 2020

What?!! Jean-François Tardif special guest at BNN The Open with Jon Erlichman

What I really wanted happen so I could enjoy this weekend: the TSX closed this past Friday session in the 16 000 points. I listen to BNN from time to time in the morning, and also in the afternoon. It's pretty much the same equivalent as listening tot he radio while working. The Open show worth watching this past Friday morning because just before the opening, Jon Erlichman had a special guest: Jean-François Tardif himself. Personally, I like Jon Erlichman, but I am getting sick over his work-from-home décor. He kind of has a vase in a corner, which looks like a farm bucket or something like that. I have a personal problem with the seeing of that ugly vase, but not only. What bothers me the most is the seeing of his dried flower sticks lying desperately inside the farmer bucket. I wonder when Amber Kanwar will be making her comeback. I think I saw her one time only recently, but that was the only time, maybe in replacement of Jon Erlichman for the day. Other than his dried flowers, I like Jon Erlichman. He's always interesting. Jon Erlichman  and Amber Kanwar are a great dynamic duo. Erlichman is better when Amber is around.

For this past Friday morning show, Jean-François Tardif décor also has somewhat annoying. In his background, he has that strange-looking figurine that probably represents a woman dress in a XIXth century outfit... golfing. It's well-known, Jean-François Tardif loves golfing, but I find that figurine weird looking and it amused me. Where that figurine is coming from and who gave it to him, I don't know, but it makes something to think about, always for the amusement part, much needed in those times of pandemic. In his background, there was also a box that seems just to be a box with office stuff. Other than his exotic golfing figurine, Jean-François Tardif office décor is not elaborate.

Of course, I listened to Jean-François Tardif carefully, almost desperately, trying to get a tip or two... After all those years, Jean-François Tardif view on investment didn't change. He's still into cash flow. According to Tardif, we are in crisis, and, at the same time, we are correcting. It's time to be more careful. Jean-François Tardif is into free cash flow at a reasonable price. According to Tardif, investors should avoid investing in companies that are not making money.

Luckily, Tardif gave BN viewers something to bite into: Diversified Royalty Corp. (DIV) and Nautilus Inc. (NLS). NLS is a US stock and DIV overall chart is not great. At 11.5%, Diversified Royalty Corp. (DIV) dividend yield is too dangerous. I dislike stocks that pay a high dividend yield like that. For me, both Diversified Royalty Corp. (DIV) and Nautilus Inc. (NLS) don't worth to be look at. I don't understand Jean-François Tardif interest. The JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) that is under Jean-François Tardif management had done well under this pandemic. I used to have JFT Strategies Fund in my portfolio, but I eventually sell off all of my units as I felt that I wasn't getting enough for my money. I wanted to get much much more from Jean-François Tardif.

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